When my students are typing, their text is continuing in one long line. How can I make it so their sentences will wrap into a paragraph and I can see them?

It sounds like you have inserted a Short Answer text box when you should have used Open Response. The Short Answer is meant for one or two word answers, not sentences or paragraphs! The Short Answer will only show the text that fits in the physical box.

You can check if the size of your Short Answer box is suitable by entering the correct answer on the Edit Short Answer tab. The system will then display the correct answer in your Short Answer box. You can also use the Preview menu item to see how it will look to your students. Resize the box as needed.

If you would like your students to type a longer answer, e.g. a sentence or a paragraph, you’ll want to use the Open Answer tool represented by the “P.”This response field will allow your students to type as much as they would like. Depending on the amount of text they enter, the Open Answer box will automatically create a scrollable window for you to view their entire response if needed.

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