How Do I Use the Inline Choice Tool?

Inline Choice

The Inline Choice item lets you add drop-down questions in the middle of a text passage. Your students will be given a choice of options and have to choose the correct one that fits the text. They’re a natural for RLA, but can be used for any subject. And they’re autograded, to save you time and give your students instant feedback.

To add an Inline Choice item to your activity, draw a box onto your assignment or choose “+Insert” and then select, “Inline Choice:”

This pop-up will appear, where you will enter the text passage and add one or more drop-down questions to it as you go.

Let’s say you want to make an Inline Choice question from this sentence. There will be two choices for the student to make: one for the word “time” and the other for “Cinderella.”

Once upon a time, there was a princess named Cinderella.

Start by typing, “Once upon a” into the box that says, “Write Text here” and then choose, “Add Dropdown.” The “Add Dropdown” button will create a new drop-down wherever the typing cursor happens to be. 

At the bottom of the pop-up, you will now see the option to add dropdown choices:

Type in your answer choices and be sure to mark the correct answer by selecting the radio button to the left of the box. Here’s a TeacherMade PRO Tip for you: Type the correct answer first, since that’s selected as correct by default, then use the “Shuffle” button above to randomly reorder the choices.

You can remove any choice by clicking the “X” to the far right of the answer.

Continue the sentence by typing, “there was a princess named” then add a dropdown for “Cinderella.” Add whichever other words you want as options along with Cinderella.

In the “Selection Prompt,” you can choose to add your own instructions or leave it as, “Select…” That is what the student will see in the sentence before they’ve selected an answer choice.

This toolbar is helpful when editing an Inline Choice item:

  • Click the caret (^) next to the Dropdown label to hide the answer choices if you need more room on your screen.

  • Click the “x” to delete the entire drop down.

Click “Save.” Your Inline Choice item will look like this. The drop downs are automatically sized to accommodate the longest answer.

When the student begins the assignment, they will see this:

To answer the question, the student will click on each of the “select…” boxes then choose their answer from the drop-down. The “select…” prompt will be replaced by their selection.

Students will need to get all drop down menus in the question correct in order to receive the points for the question.

Inline Choice is the item to use whenever you need students to select words or phrases in the middle of a passage. You’ll find so many uses for it!

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