What is the Short Answer tool and when should I use it?

The Short Answer tool creates a text box meant to contain one- or two-word answers that can be auto-graded. You will only be able to see the words that fit in the box. Students will not be able to indent, type sentences, or long paragraphs. If you want students to write more than simple responses, use the Open Answer tool.

➽  Use the Open Answer tool to make text boxes that can display sentences and paragraphs. Note that Open Answers cannot be auto-scored.

To set up a Short Answer question type, click down in your activity, or click and drag to draw a box.  Click, or Click and Drag The Tools menu will pop up. Select 'Short Answer' from the left column.

Your mouse will turn to cross-hairs and the top of the toolbar will tell you to ‘Click in the worksheet to add a(n) Short Answer.’  Click down on your worksheet to create a Short Answer Box. 

To set the Short Answer box, highlight it and then click on ‘Edit’ on your toolbar. A pop-up window will appear:

This is where you are able to edit your Short Answer:

  • Number of Points: This shows how many points your students will receive for correctly answering the question. By default TeacherMade will always assign all question types 1 point. 

  • Correct answers: Type in the correct answers. You can write more than one! 

  • Upper/Lowercase Lettering & Punctuation: You have the option to give points only when the correct capitalization is present in the student’s answer by checking the box next to: “Answers must match case (upper or lower) to be correct" and to ignore student’s punctuation in their answer.

*Be sure to click on “Save Changes” when you are done.

Short Answer Tool Explainer Video 

Here’s a quick video explaining how to use the feature:

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