How do I use the Dropdown tool?

A dropdown question type goes by many names on standardized tests and : inline choice, hot text, closed-ended. No matter what you call it, the dropdown consists of a menu of choices from which one answer can be selected. 

How to Make a Dropdown in TeacherMade 

For a dropdown question in TeacherMade, you can construct one with up to 10 answer choices and one correct answer. It’s perfect for cloze exercises and anything that is best answered inline. This feature can be auto-graded!

Click on ‘Insert’ on the toolbar (or click down on your activity  Click, or Click and Drag ). Then select ‘Dropdown’ from the Tools menu that appears.

Pro Tip: When clicking down on your assignment, you will need to resize by dragging the blue boxes on the outside.  

Now you'll want to enter answer choices and set points. There are two ways to do this:

  1. Click on ‘Edit’ on your toolbar while a dropdown answer box is selected.

  1. Double click on the dropdown answer box.

The ‘Edit Dropdown’ screen will appear:

Here you can change: 

  • Number of Points: This shows how many points your students will receive for correctly answering the question. By default TeacherMade will always assign all question types 1 point. 

  • Use a Shortcut: This will allow you to put numbers, letters, mathematical symbols, or word choices in the answer box. Use these as your answer or as a starter to your answer. 


  • List Choices: Your shortcut will appear here. You can also add in your own choices here, as well as add or subtract answer choices.

    • Shuffle Order: By clicking on ‘Shuffle Order’ the answer choices will be shuffled after entering them. This is a great option if you are duplicating your answer choices.

    • When clicking on the circle next to the correct list choice, you are choosing the correct answer. This will appear in the drop down box on your worksheet. 

*Be sure to click on ‘Save Changes’ before exiting. 

To assign a point value to your question type:

Click on the Item point box on the toolbar when you have an answer box selected, or set the points in the Edit Dropdown screen.

Drop Down Tool Explainer Video 

Here’s a quick video explaining how to use this feature:

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