How Do I Share My Activity With Other Teachers?

So, you've created a masterpiece and you need to share your hard work with your colleagues! TeacherMade makes this very easy to do! You just need to turn Sharing on for the activity. That will create a link that you can then send to your colleagues. They can open that link to preview your activity and will be able to copy your activity into their own TeacherMade accounts.

Turn On Sharing for an Activity

Let's turn on sharing for your activity!

  • Click "My Activities" at the top of the TeacherMade app. That will bring you to your home page.
  • Find the activity you're interested in and click its title. You will arrive at the Activity Detail screen for that activity.
  • Click the 3-dot menu at the top of the screen, then choose "Sharing."

  • You will see this dialog box to allow you to turn on Sharing and generate a link to send to other Teachers.

  • Click to turn the switch "On." A link and a "Copy" button will appear.

  • Use the convenient "Copy" button to grab the link to send to your colleagues.

Now, paste that link to make it available to other Teachers. You can paste it anywhere people can see and click on weblinks:

  • Email
  • Shared Google docs
  • Slack channels
  • Microsoft Teams
  • etc.

What Will Other Teachers See When They Click the Link?

When someone clicks the link, they'll see your activity in "Teacher Preview" mode, which is exactly what you see when you Preview your activity on your own. They can interact with it to see what students will see, though the "Submit" and "Finish Later" buttons are replaced with the "Check My Answers" button. 

If they have yet to sign up (or happen to be logged out at the time they're viewing your activity), they'll see this button reading "Sign up/Log in to view this Activity and assign to your Students!":

They'll also see one other button at the top of the screen. If they're already TeacherMade users and logged into their account, they'll see this:

If they they click that button, the Activity will be copied to their account.

Can Other Teachers See My Student Work?

No! Your student work is private to you (unless you're using the Co-Teacher feature documented here). Viewing and copying your Shared activity only gives the other Teacher a copy of the content you created. Your assignments and student work are still private.

What Happens If They Make Changes to My Activity?

When you share a link to your activity, your colleagues cannot make changes to your activity. They can only preview it and make a copy to their own account. They can freely make changes to their own copy, but your original activity is still yours, and none of their changes will affect your activity.

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