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This Week's Survey Topic: Your Uses of TeacherMade

We'll post the results next week. You'll be able to see how your colleagues around the nation/world deploy the power of TeacherMade in their classrooms!

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Calling All Teachers Who Like to Share 

Are you interested in being in our Teacher Spotlight? If you are,  interested in being in the Spotlight or just want to share some of your activities, email us at team@teachermade.com   And if you have a side hustle, like so many of us, we'll feature it, too!



Teacher Spotlight: Brian Clayton Minor, M.Ed.

Joined TeacherMade: 2021

Hello, TeacherMaders--

    It was my passion for football in my early twenties that brought me to teaching in Texas. I decided coaching football and other athletic sports was a way to make a positive difference while following my passion. I quickly realized that my student-athletes needed male role models in their classrooms, too. 

    My first subject was 8th Grade US History. I began to study the TEKS and found effective ways to teach them so that my students would succeed on what is now the STAAR test. It wasn’t long before other teachers and districts were asking to see what I was doing because my class scores were well over the state average. I decided that there was a need for a TEKS-based curriculum that other coaches-turned-educators like me could teach and that reliably delivered high scores.

    After the curriculum had been in use for a few years, mostly around Region 10, I was offered a job to become an Instructional Curriculum Coach. Turns out this has really been my true passion all along! This position has expanded my knowledge of Social Studies TEKS from Kindergarten through High School US History. I have a better understanding of what needs to be covered at each level and how to implement a successful Social Studies program year by year. 

    When I started using Teachermade, a light bulb went off-- the STAAR Redesign was coming and the need for digital resources that included new technology-enhanced item types was going to be top of mind for every Social Studies teacher in the state. So that's what a couple of us have been doing with every minute of free time we've had for the last 6 months-- making the digital version of Lone Star Social Studies. I have developed so much respect for educators with a second job, a TpT store, a tutoring business... that kind of commitment and effort should be admired by us all! -- Clayton Minor



Shared Elementary TeacherMades:

Science: Science of the Seasons

  • Description: Read all about the seasons! Students will learn how the tilt and orbit of Earth create the four seasons. They will then answer multiple-choice, true/false, and open-ended questions to show their understanding of the text.

  • Recommended Grade Range: Grades 3-5 

  • Question Types: Multiple Choice, True/False, Open Ended

  • Link:   https://app.teachermade.com/s/2SFXVOMgTim4NjwFhQlr5Q/

Preview Science: Why Do Leaves Change Color? 

  • Description: Students will watch an educational video to learn about why leaves change color in the fall. They will then answer questions about what they learned. If they have extra time, they can decorate leaves at the bottom of their interactivity!

  • Recommended Grade Range: Grades 2 - 5

  • Question Types: Dropdown, Open Ended, Short Answer, Multiple Choice, Checkboxes, True/False

  • Link: https://app.teachermade.com/s/l7UEDNv7QxWJ2ek9WEGi3A/

Shared Middle School TeacherMades:

Social Studies: American Revolution Quiz

  • Description: This activity was shared by Clayton Minor and the Lone Star Social Studies team. The quiz covers the main events leading up to the American Revolution.

  •   Recommended Grade: Grade 8

  • Question Types:  Multiple Choice, Multi-selects, Dropdowns, Hot Spots, Matching, True/False, Open Response 

  • Link:  https://app.teachermade.com/s/pt2bW-drQ3mUubYgyM6TDg/

Social Studies: The Age of Jackson Quiz

  • Description: This activity was shared by Clayton Minor and the Lone Star Social Studies team. The quiz covers the 1830s and Andrew Jackson's time as president.

  • Recommended Grade: Grade 8

  • Question Types: Multiselect, Multiple Choice, True/False, Open Ended, Matching, Dropdown

  • Link:  https://app.teachermade.com/s/Qn2UJuPxQr6aRFIfhKTAUQ/

Shared High School TeacherMades:

Math: Solving Literal Equations 

Eng I or II: No Reason to 'LOL' - STAAR Editing

Adopt - A - Shelter Dog Month  - October 

ELA/Science: What Do Dogs Need?

  • Description:  If you were to adopt a dog this month, what would it need? Students will categorize items that dogs need in order to be happy and healthy! Then they will write four of the most important items in a graphic organizer, and add an image to represent them. After they will choose one item and write why it is so important for a dog to have. This activity is engaging for all elementary levels. 
  • Recommended Grade Range: Elementary

  • Item Types: Drag and Drop, Short Answer, Open Answer, Student Image

  • Link: https://app.teachermade.com/s/login/?next=/s/VXgRqxA5TpSFlaA5GAiSqQ/

ELA/SEL: Are You Ready to Adopt a Shelter Dog? 

  • Description: Students always want to adopt a dog, but is it always the best idea? They will read through the reasons why you should adopt a dog, and the responsibility that dogs bring, to decide if they are ready! After they will write a persuasive essay using the guide that is provided. 

  • Grade: Middle School, Early High School 

  • Item Types: Open Answer 

  • Link: https://app.teachermade.com/s/3GejWH_KTIyO30GSnfttBQ/

 This Week's Tuesday Tech Tip 

Stay Organized with This Tip from Kate

There are many ways to stay organized within TeacherMade and Kate explains one of our favorite ways in this video below.

TeacherMade Teachers can create multiple assignments for one worksheet/activty to separate assignments by class period... or even by school year! The more you know how, the better organized you'll be. :) 

This Week's App Updates 

Landscape Orientation for Your Activities Has Arrived! 

TeacherMade can now accept landscape-oriented documents as the background for worksheets! This opens up a huge pool of source material to TeacherMaders. So many early elementary-level and Science PDFs have been off-limits to use in TeacherMade. But no more!! Now all of your PDFs can be made interactive-- portrait or landscape. This has been among our top requested features and THANK YOU to the development team for making it happen!

Other Updates to be aware of:

  • A raft of small UI Improvements and bug fixes, including a bug fix where questions with zero points had been displayed in feedback as incorrect.

  • Score points now displayed on the assignment detail screen on Google Classroom assignments. Helps teachers to understand how their scores are calculated in GC.


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