Tip Sheet #1 Vol. II - September 13, 2022

Tuesday Tip Sheet #1 - September 13, 2022

Welcome Back!


In this Issue:

  • Welcome Back! 

  • Premade Activities:

    • Hispanic Heritage Month: 

      • History of Hispanic Heritage Month 

      • Mini-Biographies: Famous Hispanic Leaders 

      • The National Dish of Mexico: Chiles Nogada

  • Back to School: 

    • Book Review 

    • The Important Book: Poetry 

  • Pro Tips: 

    • Help Center Updates 

    • Updates to TeacherMade: Quick Overview 

⭐Happy September!⭐


   I hope you are all having an amazing start to the 2022-2023 school year! TeacherMade is grateful to be able to share this school year with you. We hope to make your life easier by providing pre-made activities, PRO Tips, and tricks every Tuesday to make you a TeacherMade superstar!


    At TeacherMade, we are dedicated to saving you time, and making your year as easy as possible. You have a difficult job and TeacherMade is here to help.  Whether it is auto-grading assignments, providing a history of students' time on task, or just turning your PDF into a quick digital assignment preferred by your students to use, we are here for you! 

    This summer we worked countless hours implementing your requests. We updated our program to simplify yours. Something as simple as  (COVID came to TeacherMade this summer; everyone is better, but some updates are still in the works.)


--Premade Activities--

  Want to see your new Digital Library now available in the Help Center?? Today, it's a little library, but someday it will be mighty! So be sure to check back often as we build out our collection of activities to meet your classroom needs. 

Hispanic Heritage Month 

  • Subject: English Language Arts - Reading

  • Grade: Upper Elementary & Middle

  • Item Types: True/False, Multiple Choice, Checkbox/Multiselect 

  • Description: Students will read about the History of Hispanic Heritage Month. They will learn about when and how it was founded as a National Month long holiday. Afterwards, they will answer reading comprehension questions based on the passage. 

  • Subject: English Language Arts - Research and Writing

  • Grade: All Grade Levels 

  • Item Types: Open Answer, Student Audio Tool 

  • Description: Research away! In this lesson, students will research a famous Hispanic leader and write a biography about them to share with their class. Make this a bell ringer or an entire report! 

  • The National Dish of Mexico: Chiles Nogada:

  • Subject: English Language Arts & Mathematics 

  • Grade: Upper Elementary and Middle

  • Item Types: Multiple Choice, Multiselect/Checkboxes, Algebraic Expression

  • Description: Get your taste buds ready! Students will learn about the National Dish of Mexico through a short text, then answer four multiple choice reading comprehension questions. They will then get to double and triple the recipe using fractions and whole numbers! 

Back to School

  • Book Review: 


  • Subject: English Language Arts

  • Grade: Upper Elementary, Middle, and High School 

  • Item Types: Open Answer, Student Audio & Images Tool

  • Description: Students will write a Book Review on their favorite book to share with the class! They will create a tagline for the book, write a review using the guidelines given, and then record themselves reading it aloud! Not only that they will be able to insert an image that reminds them of the book and then explain why in 1-2 sentences. 

  • The Important Book: Poetry  (All Grade Levels)

  • Subject: English Language Arts - Poetry and Writing

  • Grade: Elementary

  • Item Types: Link, Short Answer, Open Answer, Image, Student Audio & Image tools

  • Description: Students will listen to the read-aloud of the Important Book. They will then use a flow map to write their own poem about how they are important, using the example as a guide. When they are done, they will type their poem below, add an image to represent their poetry, then record themselves reading it aloud. 

--Pro Tips --

The New TeacherMade Help Center

One significant change we made this summer was revamping our Help Center! 

Our Help Center is a self-service powerhouse for any TeacherMade issue that you may come across. Can't find what you're looking for? Click the "Contact Us" button up top and get in touch with our Tech Support Team. 

The Help Center is also where you can find our premade Digital Activities, Tip Sheets, Frequently Asked Questions, Teacher Trainings, and advice from Teachers for Teachers in the new Mentor Center!

Click on the image below to go to the main screen of the 'Help Center'

Each of the Categories found on the Homepage offer different articles, created to assist you!

  • Teacher Training: In this section, you'll find the Back to School Webinar trainings that TeacherMades’ very own Jen Chorma and Kate Howie delivered this summer. In TeacherMade 101 you will learn how to use all of the different tools to mark up your PDFs and make them interactive. TeacherMade 102 focuses on how to setup assignments, which delivery modes are best suited for your objectives, how to give real-time feedback, and each of the grading tools. 

  • Digital Activities: This is the temporary home of our Digital Activities Library. (We're building a bigger and better one...) Locate a resource you'd like to use and click to make a copy in your account. Then share it with your class!  

  • FAQs: Here you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions-- and some uncommon ones, too. ;) Browse through this section to see if another TeacherMader had the same question as you! 

  • Technical Support: In this section, you'll find all of the resources to help you make a TeacherMade interactivity for your students. There are ‘How-To’ articles and short videos to get you going.  

  • Mentor Center: This summer, TeacherMade Teachers from around theUS and Canada shared their knowledge of how they use TeacherMade within their classrooms. Read their articles and watch their videos to find out some tips and tricks to implement in your classroom. 

  • News and Letters: The Tip Sheets are located in this section as well as any news, press releases, trade show buzz, and product updates that we'll be sharing from time to time! 

Updates to the TeacherMade App: 

A Quick Overview 

In the upcoming weeks, on each Tip Sheet, we will focus on one or two new updates to the TeacherMade APP! The following is a long list of improvements made over the summer. Click the links below to find out more about each one.

New Updates: 


Happy B2S!

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