June 4th, 2024 - Update Your Answer Key On The Fly

You've made the perfect TeacherMade activity. It's engaging. It's rigorous. And you created a flexible answer key, with all the possible answer variants a student could possibly think of. Way to go, you! Then your students take the assignment, and, as they say, "no battle plan survives contact with the enemy." You're reviewing your student's responses and, sure enough, one of them came up with an answer that IS correct, but that you hadn't coded in your answer key. What to do?

With this release, we've made it extremely easy to adjust your answer key to accept a response given by one of your students. If you see a student answer that you should have included as a possible correct answer in the answer key, click the student's work to bring up the detailed score popup, then click "Add as correct answer."

You will be prompted whether to add it. Click "Yes."

You've now changed the global answer key for the activity, and this auto-graded item will automatically be re-scored for ALL students. If any of them had given the same answer, they will now automatically receive credit for their answer, without you having to do a thing! If you only want to give credit to the student you're reviewing, just click "Set Score" and you can adjust their score.

This feature is available for these item types that allow you to enter multiple possible correct answers:

  • Short Answer
  • Numeric
  • Fraction
  • Mixed Number
  • Algebraic Expression

If you need to correct the answer key for other question types, exit the student review screen and click the "Edit Answer Key" button.

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