June 5th, 2024 - Auto-graded Partial Credit

"All or Nothing." Sure, it's a great track on the debut album from early 2000's boy band O-Town, but maybe it's not always the best way to grade your TeacherMade activities. If you've ever wished that you can tell TeacherMade to award partial credit on a Checkbox/Multi-select or Match Table Grid item, consider your wish fulfilled.

Now, when you edit one of those items types by clicking the "Edit" button, you'll see these options in the popup dialog:

Selecting "Allow Partial Credit" will award points to the student even if they don't choose all the correct answers. They will be awarded a portion of the total points available on the question. 

For instance, if the student chooses two of three correct answer choices, they will be award 2/3rds of the total question points. 

If you choose "Subtract points for incorrect answers," the student will be penalized a portion of the total question points for each incorrect answer they choose. For instance, if they choose two of thirds correct answer choices, but also click an incorrect answer, they will be awarded 1/3 of the total question points (2/3 for the two correct answers, minus 1/3 for the incorrect answer). This option is intended to discourage guessing, since the student would be better off selecting only answers they are sure of, and leaving others unselected.

Note that for Checkbox/Multi-select items, you must first choose to limit the number of selections the students can make, as shown here. That means that the student can check at most, say, 3 answers, if there are 3 correct answers.

We hope you and your students find the partial credit feature useful. If you have other ideas or questions, feel free to contact us at support@teachermade.com. We'd love to hear from you!

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