June 16th, 2022 - Continue Working After Checking Answers in Preview

Previewing your activity is a critical step in creating great materials for your students! It's your chance to review that everything displays the way you want, and that you've got the answer key set up just right. And the way to do that is to answer the questions the same way a student will, and click "Check My Answers." You get immediately feedback about correct and incorrect, and see your score. But what if you inadvertently skipped a question or you wanted to see how the score calculates if you change just a few of your answers? Until now, you had to start over after every time you checked your answers. With today's release, you have a new "Continue" button that appears after you check your answers.

  • Clicking "Continue" will allow you to answer more questions, but leave your prior answers in tact.
  • Clicking "Reset" will still allow you to work, but will erase all your prior answers and give you a fresh start on testing your activity.

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