January 16th, 2024 - Practice, Practice, Practice

It's been said that practice makes perfect. And while you might not require your students to achieve absolute perfection, it would be great if they at least achieved a minimum score before they submitted their work. TeacherMade now has an assignment option that lets you do just that!

How To Set the Minimum Score

You can set the minimum submission score using this option while creating your assignment:

You can choose the minimum score the students must achieve before they're allowed to submit their work. There are preset options for the most common scores in 10% intervals, or you can set a custom value of your choosing. Note that only auto-graded items will be taken into account, so Open Answer questions are not factored into the score.

You can turn this feature off by choosing "None," which is the default value. With the setting "None," students will be able to submit their work regardless of their score. 

What It Looks Like to Students

If the student tries to submit their work but fails to achieve the minimum score, they will see this popup: 

Students can click "OK" and continue to work.

Together with "Students Can Check Answers"

This feature complements the "Students can check answers" assignment option. They can be used independently or together to give students the kind of practice you prefer.

Both options reveal the current score to the students. 

Allowing students to check their answers reveals in detail which questions they answered incorrectly, and gives them a convenient way to jump to the incorrect answers.

Setting the minimum score before submitting reveals the score, but does not give any detail about which questions are incorrect.

Another Great New Feature

Now you can watch your students hone their skills and work their way toward mastery! Our assignment options give you the control and flexibility you need to use TeacherMade the way you want.

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