January 2nd, 2023 - Happy New TeacherMade 2.0!

Happy New Year!

And this time, we really mean NEW. Today's release introduces an entirely new way of using TeacherMade. It's a game changer, and you're going to love it! In fact, there are a bunch of updates to start your year with. Our amazing development crew has been busy! Welcome back! 

The Slide View

This will change the way you use TeacherMade! 

Ever want to add interactivity to Google Slides? Now, you can. Just export the slide show as a PDF, upload it into TeacherMade and set the Display Type to "Slides." Instead of making one scrolling document, each slide of your presentation will be displayed to your students one after the other. And you can add all the TeacherMade item types to any of them! AND you can add content from multiple files, re-order, delete, even mix in existing TeacherMade activities! You'll be able to create entire lessons from start to finish, including instruction, practice, comprehension checks, videos, audio, entirely in TeacherMade!! Oh my.

Click here to see an example.

Click here to read more about this incredible feature.

Embedded Video

You can now embed video into your TeacherMade document. Keep those students focused on your lesson and off YouTube. You can choose whether to show the video right there in your activity, or if you need room, have it launched off to the side in a separate window.

Click here to learn more about Embedded Video.

Open Answer Scoring

The Open Answer item has always been useful, but a little clumsy to work with, especially if you had more than one in an activity. You had to keep track of the score for each, then modify the score using the "Auto + Teacher" score feature. As of today's release, you can now set the point value of Open Answer questions! And when you review the student work, you'll be able to assign points to each answer the student provided, and they'll see how they scored! 

Click here to learn about Open Answer Scoring.

Partial Credit

This one came from the requests of you generous Teachers who recognize that students can sometimes be almost right, and have earned a portion of the points assigned to an item. Now, using the "Adjust" feature, you can modify the points that TeacherMade assigns to a student, question by question!

Click here to learn more about Partial Scoring.


That's a lot! We really have been busy! And all of this comes to you with love from all of us. Thanks to you for what you do, and please accept our sincere wishes for a happy 2023.

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