August 8th, 2022 - Students Can Keep Trying and Learning

Let Students Check Their Answers As Often As You Choose

This is one you've been waiting for, and came about because you asked for it!

You can now allow students to check their answers themselves, without having to submit their work to you and have you re-open it!!! You can even choose how many times they're allowed to check, from once to unlimited and everything in between. And there's a super simple way for students to jump to just the answers they got incorrect.

For more information on this amazing feature, check out this FAQ!

Disable Submit button

The "Submit" button is a pretty serious button. Students are supposed to click it to signal that they're done working and that their work is ready for your review. But not all students can handle this. It's a distraction to some, and can be confusing. So, we've added the ability to turn off the submit feature. As you're creating the assignment, just click "Disable submit button!" When it comes time to finalize the work for those students, you can do it yourself by selecting their submissions and choosing "Set Selected as Completed" which submits all student work for them.

Students Can See Incorrect and Missing Answers on Re-Open

If you still want to review your students work before they are allowed to retry, but you also want them to see the same feedback they'd get when allowed to check their own answers? We've added a new option to the Return/Reopen option on student submissions! Now when you reopen a submission for a student to continue working, you can choose to let them see feedback on which answers they got wrong or left blank. Your students will be hitting that 100% goal!!

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