Fixing an "Access Blocked: Your Institution's Admin Needs to Review" Error Popup

Google is introducing tighter controls for admins to approve or block apps in "Google Workspace for Education" (essentially, all schools that use Google for email). Beginning October 23, 2023, applications will be blocked for students and must be approved by your Google Workspace admin before they'll work again. Your school may choose to enforce this policy earlier than that date.

This may affect you even if you do not use Google Classroom. If your students use Chrome, and login to a Chrome profile to identify themselves, you are likely in a Google Workspace for Education district. Your students may be blocked from TeacherMade assignments if you have asked students to identify themselves by their Google accounts:

If TeacherMade is blocked in your district, your students will see the following message when trying to use TeacherMade: "Access Blocked: Your institution's admin needs to review TeacherMade" along with a "Request Access" link.

That means that your district has set up your Google environment so that all applications must be approved before anyone under 18 can use them. That's a good thing, and TeacherMade fully supports the efforts of your district to protect all its users.

To fix the issue, you'll have to contact your district's IT group and request that they approve TeacherMade for use by students.

You may copy the text below to help them do this quickly.

Allowing TeacherMade in Google Workspace for Education

TeacherMade is an online classroom tool that allows Teachers to create interactive assignments for their students. It is a safe and well-protected platform created by professionals with decades of experience developing educational technology. Enabling TeacherMade in a Google Workspace for Education environment is easy and will help your Teachers achieve their instructional goals.

To enable TeacherMade in your Google Workspace for Education account, follow the steps outlined in this Google article:

  • TeacherMade is still progressing through Google's verification process and may be considered an unverified app in your system. You can read more about that here:
  • If you have trouble finding TeacherMade in the apps list, try searching for our Client ID:

In addition, TeacherMade requires a collection of sites to be accessible to students and teachers. You may see the current list here:

Finally, TeacherMade requires permission to access Google's API. It integrates with Google and Google Classroom for these purposes:

  • For Teachers to use the "Sign In With Google" SSO feature.
  • For students to identify themselves via Google when starting a TeacherMade assignment.
  • For Google Classroom schools:
    • Allow Teachers to create GC assignments directly from within the TeacherMade app.
    • Send student scores to the Teacher's Google Classroom gradebook.

If you're curious what student and teacher data TeacherMade requires to operate, you can review this article:

If you have any questions, please contact us at and we'll answer as quickly as we can! 

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