Adding a Co-Teacher to your TeacherMade Account (PRO Feature)

TeacherMade's Co-Teacher feature allows you to add a trusted colleague to your TeacherMade account so they can view your work, or even have full access to your account!

Login to your TeacherMade account and select your icon in the upper right corner. In the menu that appears, choose, “Co-Teachers Settings.”

You will see a page that looks like this: 

To invite a Co-Teacher to your account, enter their email in the box to the right under, “Email.”

There are two permissions to choose from when adding an email. 

The first is “Read-Only.” Giving a colleague this permission will allow them to see your account in its entirety but will prevent them from actually doing anything in it. This is great for sharing student’s grades and work with Co-Teachers, Intervention Specialists, or even Administrators. 

The second option is “Full-Access.” This option is exactly as it sounds. The Co-Teachers who you add will be able to do everything you can do within your account. They will be able to edit scores, create worksheets, and even assign work to students. This full-access option is perfect for Co-Teachers, Para Professionals, and even long-term substitutes! The options are endless.

Please note that this feature does not merge or connect your account with another Teacher. Instead, they will have the option to enter your account as a guest. Any work or edits they make while they are in your account will be saved to your account. When they are done, they will need to return to their own account. 

Once you choose to “Send” an invite, you will see this under, “Users who have access to your account.” You will need to contact each Co-Teacher directly so that they log in and accept your invite.

Once they accept their invite, it will update to show this:

You can remove Co-Teachers at any time by choosing “Remove.” If you want to change a colleague's permissions from “Read-Only” to “Full-Access” or vice versa, click on the edit icon next to the current permission and select the other permission.

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