Accepting a Co-Teacher Invitiation

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When a Teacher invites you to be a Co-Teacher on their account, you will need to login to your own TeacherMade account to accept their invitation. 

Accepting the Invitation

To accept an invitation to become a Co-Teacher, select your profile in the top right corner and then choose, “Co-Teacher Settings”

On your Co-Teacher Page, you will see their invitation under, “Users who have given you access to their account:”

Select “Confirm” to accept their invitation and then you will see this on your Co-Teacher page: 

You will be able to see who added you and what permissions they gave you. 

Accessing Their Account

To access their account as a Co-Teacher, select, “Access as this user” as shown above or click your Profile icon in the top right corner and then their name under Co-Teachers in the profile menu: 

Once you access their account, you will see their “My Worksheets” page with all of their worksheets and folders. 

Read-Only vs Full-Access

If they gave you “Read-Only” permissions, you will be able to see all of their worksheets, assignments, student grades, and student work. However, you will not be able to edit any of it or communicate with the students.

If they gave you “Full-Access” Permissions, you will be able to do everything you are able to do in your own account! This includes, creating assignments, assigning student work and grading. 

Returning to Your Account

When are you in Co-Teacher mode, you will see these messages at the top of your page:

To return to your own account, simply choose, “Back to My Account.” 

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