Schoology: Fixing a "We were unable to locate an external tool" erro

  1. You may see this error when clicking a TeacherMade assignment in Schoology

We were unable to locate an external tool for the specified tool link. Please make sure this provider is configured: External Tool Configuration.

That error means that Schoology was unable to match the URL you pasted into the assignment with any of its installed External Tools. There are three ways this could happen, listed here in order of most common to least common:

  • When the tool was installed, the admin chose told Schoology to find the tool by "URL" rather than by "Domain." Change the value to be "Domain" and try clicking the assignment again.

  • In the tool configuration, the TeacherMade app domain was entered incorrectly. Make sure it looks exactly like this:

  • The URL was copied from the TeacherMade assignment incorrectly. Use the convenient "Copy" button to make sure you get the correct assignment URL in its entirety.

To fix this error, please review the tool installation and correct either the "Match By" rule or the "Domain/URL" entry, or be sure the pasted assignment URL is correct. Then click the assignment in the course to try it again.

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