Schoology: How do I add TeacherMade to my Schoology Course?

Integrating TeacherMade into your Schoology courses is very simple. Once your admin has set up TeacherMade as an external tool (see "Before you Begin" below), you'll just create assignments using the "Schoology" delivery method in TeacherMade, then copy the generated weblink into "External Tool" materials in your Schoology course.

These links are different than regular TeacherMade links, and allow Schoology and TeacherMade to communicate. That permits Schoology to identify the students to TeacherMade when they start assignments, so they don't need to login, and it lets TeacherMade send their scores back to the gradebook in Schoology. It's a great integration that can save you tons of time!

Here's how to set it up!

Before You Begin

Has your Schoology Administrator already set up TeacherMade as an External Tool in your system? TeacherMade must be installed as an External Tool Provider by your Administrator before you begin using it in courses. If it has not been set up yet, have your Schoology administrator contact us at for a consumer key and shared secret.

Create a Schoology Assignment in TeacherMade

The first step to including a TeacherMade activity in your Schoology course is to create an assignment in TeacherMade with the Schoology delivery method. Just follow these steps:

  • From the "My Activities" page, click the title of your Activity to open the detail page.
  • Click one of these buttons to begin creating your assignment.


  • Check the "Schoology" delivery method.

  • Click "Next" and continue choosing the assignment options you want to use.
  • Finally, click "Save."

Copy the Weblink into your Copy-Paste buffer

After you save the assignment, you will land on the Assignment Detail page where you can find the weblink you'll need to paste into a Schoology material. 

Just click the convenient button next to the web link.

Create the Assignment in Schoology

Now you’re ready to create the assignment in Schoology

  • Login to Schoology and select your desired course..
  • Select "Add Materials," then choose "Add File/Link/External Tool" from the dropdown menu, and then choose External Tool.

  • Choose "External Tool."

  • A popup will open asking for the assignment details. Enter them as follows:
    • Tool Provider: "Automatic, based on URL." You can also select "TeacherMade" if it's in your list, but you will then have to click the "Custom" label next to the "URL field before pasting in the weblink from TeacherMade.
    • Title: Enter a title.
    • URL: Paste the weblink you copied from TeacherMade in the above steps.
    • Skip the next three fields.
    • Click "Enable Grading." This is critical as it allows TeacherMade to pass scores back to Schoology.
    • Points: Enter your desired points. TeacherMade will report a percentage score to Schoology, so whatever you enter here will be multiplied by the student's percentage and stored as their score on this assignment.
    • Category: Choose a category. 
    • Click "Submit."

That's it! You've created a TeacherMade assignment in Schoology!

Check Your Work

You can click on it yourself to make sure it's set up correctly. Clicking the assignment will take you to the Assignment Detail page, where you'll eventually be able to see the student's work being done. The students don't see that, and will instead work on the Activity when they click the assignment.

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