Schoology: How do I Set up TeacherMade as an External Tool?

TeacherMade can be easily set up for integration with Schoology by your Schoology administrator. The best part about this is that students will be able to access and complete TeacherMade worksheets without ever leaving Schoology…and their TeacherMade worksheet grades will be automatically entered into the Schoology gradebook.

To get started, have your Schoology administrator contact us at for a consumer key and shared secret.

*Please Note - For security reasons, we will only deliver these credentials to your Schoology administrator for a one-time Organization-level setup.

Administrators: After you have obtained the consumer key and shared secret from, please follow these steps:

  1. Open Schoology and log in as an administrator.

  2. Select Tools from the top menu, and then select School Management.

3. Next, you will select Integration from the School Management menu; choose the External Tools tab. Here you will see the Add External Tool Provider button. Select it.

  1. In the dialogue box that opens:
    a. Add the tool name (TeacherMade).
    b. Add the Consumer Key and Shared Secret in the highlighted fields.
    c. Select Send Name and Email/Username of user who launches the tool for privacy.
    d. Select Manual Configuration Type.
    e. Match by: Domain.
    f. Add for domain/URL.
    g. Select Submit.

Please note- The entries on your screen must match this screen, or the tool will not work!!

After this is complete, Teachers will be able to add their TeacherMade worksheets to their courses with only a few clicks. Remember that they will not need to use the Consumer Key and Shared Secret in their course materials, as those are only for the initial admin-level setup.

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