Canvas - How Do I Install TeacherMade as an App in Canvas?

For TeacherMade to present assignments to your students in Canvas, you must first configure TeacherMade as an “App” (external) in each of your courses. You only need to do this once per course.

TIP: If you’ve already done this, and need help creating an assignment within Canvas, read “How Do I Assign a Worksheet Through Canvas?”

TIP: Not into reading? Watch this video:

 Canvas Integration: Adding TeacherMade as an "App" - YouTube

Canvas requires you to enter a Consumer Key, a Shared Secret, and Config URL when linking Apps to courses. You will find this information displayed in TeacherMade when you choose Canvas for your assignment delivery method.

To get started, follow the usual steps for creating a TeacherMade assignment. After you click “Save,” you will see this screen. Click Setup Instructions.

You will see the Consumer Key, Shared Secret and Config URL that you will later plug into Canvas. Leave this information displayed on your screen.

Open a new tab and login to Canvas. Then select your course.

From within your Canvas course, click Settings.

In the Setting/Course Detail screen, click on the Apps tab.

A list of available “External Apps” in your course will display. Click on the “View App Configurations” button located on the upper right side.

A blue button “+ App” will magically appear next to the “View App Config” button you just clicked on. Click on the “+ App” to start adding TeacherMade as one of your external course apps.

The “Add App” pop-up form will appear. Begin by choosing “By URL” for the Configuration Type. That hides many of the fields and makes the rest of the job a lot easier! NOTE: This is a very important step! If you leave the setting as “Manual Entry,” Canvas will allow you to continue, but when you try to create assignments, you will see the error “Couldn’t find valid settings for this link.”

Then enter “TeacherMade” in the Name field.

Return to the TeacherMade app, and click the button next to the Consumer Key field to copy it onto your clipboard.

Return to Canvas and paste the value into the Consumer Key field.

Repeat the above steps to copy the Shared Secret and the Config URL values from TeacherMade into Canvas.

Click “Submit” and, phew, you’re done!

Look for a TeacherMade link on the left-side menu of your Canvas course. That means you configured it correctly!

Now you can continue creating your first assignment back in TeacherMade!

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