Canvas: How to Assign Student Work Using Canvas

This option will require you to configure TeacherMade as an external tool in Canvas for each course. See “How Do I Install TeacherMade as an App in Canvas?"

Then you can add assignments within Canvas that link to TeacherMade worksheets. When students submit their work, Canvas will be automatically updated. Scores will appear in the gradebook and student work can be reviewed in SpeedGrader. 

1. On Step 1 of 3 the ‘Create Assignment’ page:

  1. Select the Canvas option 
  2. Then click ‘Next’ 

2. TeacherMade will take you to Step 3 of 3. You will be able to choose:

  • Students Can Check Answers after Submission
    • No
    • 1x
    • 2x
    • 3x
    • Unlimited
    • Custom...

  • Display Score As
    • This setting applies to both your and your student's views
    • Choices for how the score will be displayed:
      • Points Earned 
      • Points Earned/Points Possible 
      • Points Earned/Points Possible (Score %)
      • Score %
    • Note: You can change this setting at any time even after the assignment has been created. 

  • After Submission
    • What information your student will see when they turn in their work
    • This score shows when students turn in/submit their work. It’s for auto scored items only. 
    • If you have additional items you are scoring, these will not be shown until you score and return the work.
      • Choices for information when they TURN IN their work:
        • Make Assignment Hidden
        • Show Total Score
        • Show Score on individual items
        • Show Score and correct answers on individual items
    • Note: Making the assignment hidden will hide everything from your student when they hit submit including the worksheet itself. Students will see a blank white screen. 

  • When work is returned
    • Choices for information when they work is RETURNED:
      • Show Total Score
      • Show Score on individual items
      • Show Score and correct answers on individual items

  • Student Tools
    • Text boxes
    • Drawing
    • Links
    • Math
    • Images
    • Audio

3. Upon clicking ‘Save’ the TeacherMade assignment will be created

An External Tool link will be generated to share with your students

Switch over to your Canvas course and click on “Assignments” in the left menu.

Click “+ Assignment” to add a new assignment.

Enter the fields required to set up a Canvas assignment just as you normally would. For “Submission Type,” choose “External Tool” in the drop-down. Then paste the TeacherMade link in the field labeled “Enter or Find an External Tool URL.” WARNING: DO NOT CLICK “FIND” as doing so will cause you to start singing and flapping your arms. :wink:

When you’re done entering your assignment settings, click “Save & Publish.”

Be sure to add a score to the assignment in Canvas. When a student completes work, TeacherMade will pass back a percentage which Canvas multiplies by the assignment to arrive at the final score for the assignment. If you leave the score 0, you will see 0 in your gradebook.

Woohoo! You’ve created a TeacherMade assignment in your Canvas course! Students will be able to launch the assignment from directly within Canvas. You can also use SpeedGrader to grade any submissions. It’s a good day.

 Student results will appear below once the students begin the assignment.

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