How to Make Assignments for Your Students

Step 1: Go to your ‘My Worksheets’ dashboard (this is your landing page upon logging in).

Step 2: Click on the worksheet you would like to assign to your students or click the snowman dots to the right; select 'Assign Worksheet' from the pop-up

Step 3: On the ‘Worksheet Detail’ screen that appears, click on the ‘Create Assignment’ button. 

This will bring you to the ‘Create Assignment’ page.


Assignment Step 1 of 3: Choose how you would like the assignment delivered: 

  • TeacherMade 

  • Google Classroom (PRO)

  • Canvas (PRO)

  • Schoology (PRO)

Assignment Step 2 of 3 (differs depending on how your assignment is delivered):

  • TeacherMade: Select how the student will sign into the assignment (using a google account or using a name or ID).

  • Google Classroom: Select Google Classroom Courses and or specific students in the class. 

  • Canvas & Schoology: Skips to Step 3 out of 3  

Step 3 of 3: General Settings

  • TeacherMade, Canvas, Schoology

    • On this page you are able to choose:

      • Disable submit button: Use this button to prevent accidental submissions by your students that require you to reopen their work. They can keep working in the submission until you mark it as complete. 

      • Students can check answers before submission (This setting determines how many times students may check answers before final submission of an assignment):

        • No

        • 1x - 3x

        • Unlimited 

        • Custom..

      • Minimum Score (%) to Submit (this setting allows you to set a minimum percentage students must achieve before they can submit their work)

        • 50%-100%

        • Custom

      • Display score as (this setting applies to both you and your student views. Note that you can change this setting at any time even after the assignment has been created): 

        • Score %

        • Points Earned

        • Points Earned/Points Possible 

        • Points Earned/Points Possible (Score %)

        • Score %

      • After submission (the scores shown when students turn in their works are from auto scored items only. If you have additional items you are scoring these will not be shown until you score and return the work): 

        • Make assignment hidden 

        • Show total score 

        • Show total score on individual items 

        • Show correct answers 

      • When work is returned (When work is returned to a student the assignment will always be visible to that student. If you are concerned about student sharing, we suggest not returning any work until the assignment has been completed by all students and all classes):

        • Show total score 

        • Show score individual items 

        • Show correct answers

      • Student tools: 

        • Text boxes 

        • Drawing 

        • Links 

        • Math

        • Images 

        • Audio 

  • Google Classroom* contains all of the same settings as the ones above including:

    • Google Classroom Settings:

      • Assignment Status: Assign Immediately, Schedule, or Save as a Draft: Assign to your students immediately, schedule a specific date and time to publish or save as a draft and decide when to publish later. 

      • Assignment points to use in Google Classroom: This will not change the available points in TeacherMade. If you change this value in Google Classroom make sure to change it here as well. 

      • Auto-sync scores: You can turn this off if you want to control when scores are pushed to Google Classroom.

      • Block students not in the class: Turning on this feature will block any students who are not in the Google Classroom course you're assigning the work to from entering the assignment.

Assignment Detail Screen:

  • TeacherMade will assign your activity to your students. On the last screen, you will be able to view student submissions in real time. 

  • You will also be able to: preview your assignment, edit answer key, title, student names, edit/lock/restore/archive assignment, and sync with other programs. 

You did it! Your students have now received their TeacherMade assignment. Don't let your new skill sit idle. Make more assignments soon and it will become second nature to you!

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