Tip Sheet #22 - March 7, 2023

Happy Pi Day! 

March 14, 2023

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

March 17, 2023

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Shared Elementary TeacherMades:

Science: Life Cycle of a Chicken

  • Description: In this science activity students will label the life cycle of a chicken. It has 5 moving parts and students will get one point for each correct placement or answer.
  • Recommended Grade Range: Designed for all grades. It could be used in Elementary Science, Life Science, Biology, or Agriculture. 
  • Question Types: Drag and Drop
  • Click Here: Life Cycle of a Chicken

Math: Rounding and Compatible Numbers - STAAR with Tech Updates 

  • Description: This worksheets consists of released Grade 3 test questions that have been adapted to include new question types on the redesigned 2023 STAAR test. The questions assess TEKS standard 3.4(B) which reads "round to the nearest 10 or 100 or use compatible numbers to estimate solutions to addition and subtraction problems."
  • Recommended Grade Range: Each worksheet in the collection is targeted to one TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills) standard. It is intended for grade 3 but could be used with grades 2-5.
  • Question Types: Multiple Choice, Drop Down.
  • Click Here: Rounding and Compatible Numbers

Shared Middle School TeacherMades:

ELA: Informational/Poetry (Paired Passages) - Red Crab Invasion/ Monarch Magic

  • Description: This is a fiction practice activity for the newly redesigned STAAR test of Reading and Language Arts (RLA) that incorporates new question types. There are two selections in this activity "Red Crab Invasion/ Monarch Magic"
  • Recommended Grade Range: Intended for grade 6, but can be used with grades 5-8. 
  • Question Types: Multiple Choice, Dropdown, Inline Choice
  • Click Here: Red Crab Invasion/Monarch Magic

Math: Solving One-Step Algebraic Equations with Addition and Subtraction Level 1b

  • Description: This activity is a formative assessment designed to measure the Common Core Math standard 6.EE.B.7 - Solving One-Step Algebraic Equations Using Addition and Subtraction.
  • Recommended Grade Range: The difficulty of the activity is Level 1 (introducing the skill) and it features 12 multiple choice items in which students must select the correct solution to a given algebraic equation with one variable using either addition or subtraction.
  • Question Types: Multiple Choice 
  • Click Here: Solving One Step Algebraic Equations with Addition and Subtraction

Shared High School TeacherMades:

ELA: English II - Revising - Make the Switch!

  • Description: This is a practice activity for the newly redesigned STAAR test for English II that incorporates new question types. Students will read the passage then choose the correct answer to revising the text.
  • Recommended Grade Range: Intended for high school course English II, but can be used with any high school reading level.
  • Question Types: Multiple Choice, Dropdown, Multiselect
  • Click Here: Make the Switch!

Science: Oral Cavity 

  • Description: In this activity, students will label the parts of an oral cavity. There are 12 moving parts for this drag and drop activity. Students will get one point for each correct placement or answer.
  • Recommended Grade Range: This activity has been designed for the Middle School or High School grade range. It could be used in Life Science, Anatomy, or Biology.
  • Question Types: Drag and Drop
  • Click Here: Oral Cavity

Pi Day

March 14th 

Math: Pi or Pie? 

  • Description: Pi or Pie? On this word search students will look for different types of pie which they will highlight in red, and math terms related to pi to highlight in blue. Perfect for practicing categorization!

  • Grade: All Ages 

  • Item Types: Highlighter tool

  • Link:  https://app.teachermade.com/s/4KRt3TdKSoqkf3ydagfXfA/

Math: First 10 Digits of Pi 

  • Description: On this activity, students will use the dice app to race their partner by trying to roll the first 10 digits of Pi! A fun activity for all grade levels.

  • Grade: All Grade Levels 

  • Item Types: Short Answer

  • Link:  https://app.teachermade.com/s/mMLey-VXQT6VWToUqmoLIg/

St. Patrick's Day 

March 17th 

Math: St. Patrick's Day Addition and Subtraction Problems

  • Description: Perfect for early elementary! Students will count how many of each item there are, write a number model of their equation, and solve to find the answer.

  • Grade: Early Elementary 

  • Item Types: Short Answer

  • Link:  https://app.teachermade.com/s/FLQwq8-EQuaGWxnGX2lHwQ/

ELA: St. Patrick's Day Reading Comprehension

  • Description: Students will read an article on National Geographic Kids about how St. Patrick's Day originated and is a holiday today. After they will answer multiple choice and checkbox questions based on the reading. As a bonus, they will record themselves sharing their favorite part of St. Patrick's Day. 

  • Grade: Elementary, Middle School

  • Item Types:  Multiple Choice, Multiselect, Audio Tool

  • Link: https://app.teachermade.com/s/GahZpJ4KRZ-nfLqKnUo2pg/

ELA: St. Patrick's Day Scramble 

Women's History Month

March 1st - 31st

ELA/Social Studies: Women's History Month 

  • Description: Students will learn all Women's History Month, by reading and/or listening to this informational text. Along the way they will have reading checks to assess their reading/listening skills.

  • Grade: Upper Elementary, Middle, High School

  • Item Types: Multiselect, Multiple Choice, Open Answer 

  • Link: https://app.teachermade.com/s/3fN9wjn-QQyGHLRIE9sbnQ/

ELA/Social Studies: Women of the American Revolution

  • Description: In this activity, students will read about women in the American Revolution. They will learn about three women in particular: Deborah Sampson, Lydia Darragh, and Mary "Molly Pitcher" Hayes. Throughout the activity they will answer text release questions based on the text.

  • Grade: Upper Elementary through Middle

  • Item Types: Open Answer, Multiselect, Multiple Choice

  • Link: https://app.teachermade.com/s/vYQ-egPdQtyNVo0HObTcrg/

ELA/Social Studies: Women's Voting Rights

  • Description: Women weren't always allowed to vote. They were not granted voting rights until 1920. In this passage, students will learn about the Suffragettes and their determination to secure the right to vote for all women. Afterwards, they will answer a variety of questions based on the reading.  

  • Grade: Middle & High School

  • Item Types: Matching, Multiple Choice, Multiselect, Open Answer

  • Link: https://app.teachermade.com/s/CJ0Yfx9HTvuaW3xV7xy7Ug/

ELA/History: Suffrage Songs 

  • Description: There was no such thing as cellphones or social media when the Suffragettes were rallying support for their cause. So how did they get their message out? Through parades..and songs! Students will read about their predicament, listen to some musical selections and answer 10 questions.

  • Grade: Upper Middle & High School

  • Item Types: Multiple Choice, Dropdown, Multiselect, Short Answer 

  • Linkhttps://app.teachermade.com/s/ifcWsW6OSkiROexbPg3AYg/

ELA/ History: Poet Adrienne Rich

  • Description: In this reading passage set, students will learn about the Feminist Movement, from the Suffragettes to Adrienne Rich. They'll analyze a short poem by Rich written before she becomes one of the great Feminist thinkers of the Twentieth Century. 

  • Grade: High School (Honors 8th and 9th graders will also enjoy this activity)

  • Item Types: True/False, Multiple Choice, Multiselect, Short Answer

  • Link: https://app.teachermade.com/s/7hHj3BM9QDeeeMWE8ohqzw/

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