Tip Sheet #18 - February 7, 2023

Happy Valentine's Day!

We hope your students shower you with kindness and love for all you do. 

We've made 5 Valentine-themed activities for you to show our ♥♥♥.

New!! Item Analysis Report!!!

Reporting is here!! Our first one is the new Item Analysis Report. It gives you instant insight into which questions your students are struggling with! You'll see all your students and how they've performed on all the questions on activity-- on one screen. You'll know at a glance how your class is performing and where to focus more attention.


Let's Look at the Item Analysis Report in More Detail! 

Click here to read about the Item Analysis Report.


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Shared Elementary TeacherMades:

Science: Shadow Matching Cat

  • Description: In this activity students will match the correct shadow of the cat. If you find this useful there is also a shadow matching of a dog and dinosaur. 
  • Recommended Grade Range: Elementary
  • Question Types: Matching
  • Click Here: Shadow Matching Cat

Math: Place Value - STAAR with Tech Updates 

  • Description: This worksheet consists of released Grade 3 test questions that have been adapted to include the new question types on the redesigned 2023 STAAR test. The skill targeted is place value.
  • Recommended Grade Range: Intended for grade 3 but can be used with grades 2-5.
  • Question Types: Multiple Choice, Multiselect, Drop down
  • Click Here: Place Value

Shared Middle School TeacherMades:

Math: Solving One-Step Algebraic Equations 

  • Description: This activity is a formative assessment designed to measure the Common Core Math standard for Solving One-Step Algebraic Equations.
  • Recommended Grade Range: The worksheet is for grade 6. It can be used with students in grades 5-8.
  • Question Types: Multiple Choice
  • Click Here: Solving One-Step Algebraic Equations

Science: Electrolysis

  • Description: Students will label the parts on a electrolysis diagram.
  • Recommended Grade Range: Designed for Middle School but can be used in the High School grade range. It could be used in Physical Science or Chemistry.
  • Question Types: Drag and drop
  • Click Here: Electrolysis

Shared High School TeacherMades:

ELA: Informational - The One Sentence That Will Make You a More Effective Speaker Every Time

  • Description: This is an informational text activity for the newly redesigned STAAR test for English I that incorporates new question types.
  • Recommended Grade Range: Intended for high school English I, but can be used with any high school reading level.
  • Question Types: Multiple Choice, Multiselect, Drop down
  • Click Here: The One Sentence That Will Make You a More Effective Speaker Every Time

Science: Prokaryotic Cell  

  • Description: Students will drag each label to its correct place on the diagram.
  • Recommended Grade Range: It has been designed for the High School grade range. It could be used in Biology.
  • Question Types: Drag and drop
  • Click Here: Prokaryotic Cell

♥ Valentine's Day ♥

February 14, 2023

ELA: Valentine's Day Activities  

ELA: Valentine's Day: Acts of Kindness  

  • Description: Students will watch a video to show how one act of kindness can spread to others. They then will watch a short informational video, and write down who they will be kind to and how they will show kindness. After they will answer questions to assess their knowledge gained and as a bonus they can record their main take - away!

  • Grade: All grade levels

  • Item Types: Short Answer, Open Answer, Audio Tool

  • Link: https://app.teachermade.com/s/FeM1t-WmSBqXgRj_I7-hUA/

ELA: Love Language: Figurative Language 

  • Description: Learn all about Figurative Language! Students will read about the different types of figurative language, and then identify which type is used in 10 different question. They can then record their own piece of figurative language for their classmates to guess.

  • Grade: Elementary

  • Item Types: Drop down, audio tool  

  • Link: https://app.teachermade.com/s/ekIa7EtfQfuQ1vFx17oUhg/

Math: Valentine's Day Division and Multiplication Word Problems 

  • Description: Students will solve five division and five multiplication themed Valentines Day word problems. Students are asked to show their work while this math interactivity. 

  • Grade: Upper Elementary

  • Item Types: Short Answer 

  • Link: https://app.teachermade.com/s/ENK-9UfUQjOFLMmUbnkcag/

Math: Adding Fractions with Like and Unlike Denominators 

  • Description: Students will be asked to add fractions with like and unlike denominators on this interactivity, and reduce their answers to simplest form. After, they will use their answers to solve the riddle below! If they need help, don't fret! There is an video embedded for them to watch!  

  • Grade: Upper Elementary and Middle

  • Item Types: Fraction Tool, Short Answer 

  • Link: https://app.teachermade.com/s/r7N_83Z0QSiSCRtA-LAn7Q/   


Black History Month


ELA/Social Studies: Mini Biographies 

  • Description: Students will choose a leader to research for Black History Month. After they will write a paragraph about the person they researched, and add a picture. This is a great activity for students to share with the class! 

  • Grade: Upper Elementary, Middle to High School

  • Item Types: Open Answer

  • Link:  https://app.teachermade.com/s/s8LFdFGPTnS2uo0GxXDjAA/

ELA: Mae Jemison

  • Description: This nonfiction article will teach students all about Mae Jemison, the first female African American to go into space. Students will have reading checks to assess their reading comprehension. 

  • Grade: Upper Elementary, Middle 

  • Item Types: Multiple Choice, Multiselect, Open Answer

  • Link: https://app.teachermade.com/s/eDzn7a-ZSQKGdVY1SlEgGw/

ELA: Can Kids Change the World? 

  • Description: Students will watch the Storyworks video, "Can Kids Change the World?" then answer comprehension questions to assess their understanding of the video, and their listening skills.

  • Grade: Upper Elementary, Middle 

  • Item Types: Multiple Choice, Short Answer, Open Answer

  • Link: https://app.teachermade.com/s/QCpgvC5MQ3CDLIGQRXgjVg/


ELA: Who Was William Wells Brown? 

  • Description: This first African-American novelist, playwright, and author who escapes the chains of slavery, Brown was an abolitionist with a literary talent. A self-taught reader and writer, he was a best-selling author in the 1840s and 1850s and made history for his literary achievements many times. 

  • Grade: Middle and High School 

  • Item Types: Dropdown, Matching,  Multiple Choice,  Short Answer

  • Link: https://app.teachermade.com/s/A_QUb6CJQS2NAUtfM-3MdA/

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