Tip Sheet # 10 - November 29, 2022

(Scroll down for premade Holiday Activities.)

November 29th is Giving Tuesday!

"Partial Match Scoring" 

is Our Gift to You!


It's Giving Tuesday so our gift to you is a scoring headache resolved in an elegant way. 

For short response/fill-in-the-blanks, you can now turn on partial match scoring and enter a keyword. If any student's answer contains the keyword, it will get marked as correct. No longer do you have to figure out all possible variations of the answer in advance or constantly go back and update your answer key. Set the keyword and let TeacherMade do a better job of grading the assignment for you.

Here's a quick video explaining how partial match grading works.

For Last Week's Tip Sheet, Click Here

Shared Elementary TeacherMades:

ELA: Language and Conventions 

  • Description: In this activity students will be assessed on their knowledge of Language and Conventions. They answer questions to find the correct usage of grammar, capitalization, and punctuation. 
  • Recommended Grade Range: Upper Elementary
  • Question Types: Multiple Choice, Multiselect, Hot Spot, True/False
  • Click Here: https://app.teachermade.com/s/OmM-XiKHSD6yBnekBM1oMg/

Math: TEKS 3.2(A) - Composing Numbers -STAAR with Tech Updates 

  • Description: This worksheet consists of released Grade 3 test questions that have been adapted to include the new question types on the redesigned 2023 STAAR test.
  • Recommended Grade Range: Intended for grade 3 but could be used with grades 2- 5.
  • Question Types: Multiple Choice, Short Answer, Dropdown
  • Click Here: Composing Numbers

Shared Middle School TeacherMades:

        Science: Simple Diagram of a Spherical Virus
  • Description: Students will label the parts of a simple diagram of a spherical virus in this activity. It is great to use in Biology class! 
  • Recommended Grade Range: Designed for Middle School or High School Gr
  • Question Types: Drag and drop
  • Click Here: Spherical Virus

ELA: The Regulars

  • Description: This is a practice activity for the newly redesigned STAAR test of Reading and Language Arts (RLA) that incorporates new question types.
  • Recommended Grade: Intended for grade 6, but can be used with grades 5-8.
  • Question Types:  Multiple Choice, Multiselect, Dropdown
  • Click Here: The Regulars 

Shared High School TeacherMades:

Science: Parts of a Solar Panel

ELA: Losing Is Good For You

  • Description: This is a practice activity for the newly redesigned STAAR test for English I that incorporates new question types.
  • Question Types: Multiple Choice, Dropdown, Multiselect, Short Answer 
  • Recommended Grade RangeHigh School, English I, but can be used in any high school reading level
  • Click Here: Losing Is Good for You

December - Holiday Activities


Math: December Decimals Review 

  • Description: Your students will solve word problems with a holiday theme and demonstrate their mastery of decimals with this colorful activity. Four out of five of the problems are auto-graded.

  • Grade: Upper Elementary

  • Item Types: Short Answer, Multiple Choice, Open Answer

  • Link: December  Decimals Review

ELA/Science: How Snow Is Made  

  • Description: Your students will be able to read about how snowflakes are formed through this short reading passage. After they will answer eight questions to check their understanding of the passage. 

  • Grade: Upper Elementary

  • Item Types: Multiple choice, Multiselect, True/False

  • Link: https://app.teachermade.com/s/vGa_32gdQ-yV9BQ-9uB0_w/

Math: Counting Candy Canes, Cookies, and Christmas Trees - too! 

  • Description: In this activity, students practice counting how many candy canes, cookies, or Christmas trees there are for each question. At the end, they will count how many lights are on the Christmas tree, too. Students will really love the holiday graphics on this one! 

  • Grade: Early Elementary

  • Item Types: Short Answer 

  • Link: https://app.teachermade.com/s/0XP_0eOkRqeQYRidc_Wotg/


ELA: Snow Day

  • Description: Students will be able to listen and read along to a short reading passage about a Snow Day. They will then answer four multiple choice questions to assess their reading/listening comprehension skills.
  • Recommended Grade Range: Early Elementary  

  • Item Types: Multiple Choice 

  • Linkhttps://app.teachermade.com/s/6Sl7QBGcSrWkvyqxOALNBg/

December 18 - 26 - Hanukkah



ELA/SS: The History of Hanukkah

  • Description:  Your students will learn the fascinating historical events leading to the Jewish celebration of Hanukkah. The Story of Hanukkah includes Hellenistic conquerors, religious intolerance, struggle and triumph in 164 BCE. Add a bonus question by asking your students to find the definition of the word "Hanukkah."
  • Recommended Grade Range: Elementary & Middle
  • Item Types: Multiple Choice, Dropdown, Multiselect, Open Answer, Matching
  • Link: https://app.teachermade.com/s/CUQ6yEGGSqeBSIs6SgkFng/

ELA/SS/Math: Make a Dreidel and Play

  • Description:  For Grades 4-6, this is a reading and SS activity (remove the last three math probability questions). For grades 7-8 students who've already learned probabilities, this is a Reading/SS/Math cross-curricular activity that can be used in any of these class periods.
  • Recommended Grade Range: Upper Elementary and Middle School  
  • Item Types: Matching, Multiple Choice, Multiselect, Dropdown, Open Answer
  • Link: https://app.teachermade.com/s/f2rkER79TLq7V51eejEdbg/

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