How Do I See Which Questions My Students Need Help With?

If you need a simple picture of which questions students are getting correct or incorrect, turn to the "Item Analysis" report! It's your instant view of where your students are doing well or struggling.

To run the Item Analysis report, just follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the activity you're interested in from your "My Activities" home page.
  • Click the activity title to go to the Activity Detail page where you see the assignment or assignments you created for the activity.
  • Click the title of one of the assignments to go to the Assignment Detail page where all the student submissions appear.
  • At the top of the student submission list, click the 3-dot menu.
  • Select "Item Analysis."

The Item Analysis report displays a table with columns representing the questions on your activity and the rows representing the students. 

The questions are presented in the order they appear on the activity, top to bottom, left to right. And each question type is shown as an icon at the top of the column. You can hover over the icon if you don't remmber what an icon means.

Each cell contains the score achieved by that student on that question. The cells are highlighted in green or red to indicate whether they answered correctly or incorrectly. You can very easily see which questions the students struggled with the most by just scanning for red cells, or by checking the "% Correct" per question. In the example above, Question 2, a dropdown, is giving students the most trouble, with only 25% of them answering correctly.

Here's where it gets amazing. Click a cell. TeacherMade will take you to that question on that student's submitted activity so you can see exactly how they answered.

You can flip back and forth between Reviewing Student work and the Item Analysis report using the navigation elements on the side of the screen. You'll see those anytime you're reviewing submissions, too, so you can easily view the Item Analysis report even if you start by reviewing a single student's work.

Finally, when you're done, click the "Close" button in the upper right hand corner. 

That will return you to the Assignment Detail screen, where you can see the list of all student submissions.

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