How Do I Delete Last Year's Scores? (Assignment Archiving)

It's a new school year! You sign in to TeacherMade and see all of last year's submissions still there with your activities. You don't want to delete them because they're educational records, but you don't want them cluttering your daily view. How do you hide last year's work out so you have a clean slate for the coming year?

Clean out last year's work by hiding your old assignments with the Archive Assignment feature! Archiving hides assignments and their submissions from your daily view so you can create new assignments for the new school year. 

How to Archive Assignments

To archive assignments, just click the worksheet name. When you arrive at the assignment list, you can check off any of the assignments or click "Select all assignments" at the top. 

Once you've checked any or all of the assignments, click the Archive icon in the upper right and confirm that you want to archive those assignments. Now you've got a clean slate to start the new school year!

How to Restore Archived Assignments

If you need to review last year's work for any reason, just click the worksheet title to arrive at the Worksheet Detail screen. Then click the "Archived" link at the top. That will toggle the view so that you see just the archived assignments.

From here, you can use the buttons on the right to Restore an assignment, which will move the assignment back into your Worksheet Detail screen. Click the "Active" link at the top to return to that view and you'll see the restored assignment and can view the student scores. You can archive it again when you're done reviewing it. 

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