How Do I Download My Activities?

Downloading a File To Give It To Students

If you're looking to save a file of one of your activities so that you can give them to your students, as you do in some other systems, we have good news for you! You don't do that in TeacherMade! You don't need to download and store documents locally and hand them out to your students. TeacherMade keeps everything online, so that you can get to your activities any time, anywhere! When you want your students to complete an activity, you simply create an assignment for them in TeacherMade, then deliver it through any one of the assignment delivery methods (through Google Classroom, Canvas, or Schoology, or, if you don't use any of those systems, you can deliver assignments via simple weblinks that TeacherMade generates). It couldn't be easier!

Downloading (Printing) a Blank Copy of an Activity

Sometimes, though, you might have students that need to complete the activity on paper, because they cannot interact with a computer. TeacherMade supports that through our "Print a Blank Copy" feature. It appears as "Print to PDF" in the editor's "File" menu. You can read more about that here: How Can I Print a Blank Activity?

Downloading (Printing) a Copy of Your Answer Key

If you want to capture a copy of your Answer Key, which includes all the questions and all the answers (so put this one in your safe!), you can also do that from inside the editor, using the "Print Answer Key" option on the "File" menu. You can read more about that here: How Do I Print My Answer Key?

Downloading (Printing) Student Work

If you want to save your student submissions to a local drive, so that you have a copy, or if you need to print them to prepare for parent-teacher conferences, TeacherMade also has you covered! You can print the results for a single student, or for multiple students, by printing their submissions from the Assignment Detail screen (the screen where all the student work appears for an assignment). For more help, see this article: How Can I Print My Student’s Submission?

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