How Do I Search for Activities?

It's easy to lose track of an activity! But, don't worry, TeacherMade has you covered. TeacherMade's powerful Search feature will help you find any activity by part of its title, whether it was assigned or shared, or by checking the date it was created or last modified on. 

Just click the "Search" link in the left margin of your "My Activities" home page. You'll see this set of search options:

Just choose what you want to search for then click the "Search button." The list of found activities will be shown on the right hand side of your screen.

Search Options

Let's take a look at each of the options available to you.


Enter a word or two and any activity that contains those words in its title will be found. Capitalization doesn't matter, so "Midterm" and "midterm" will both find the activity you named "ALGEBRA 2 MIDTERM."


You can choose between "Assigned" and "Unassigned." If you choose "Assigned," you'll see only those activities that have currently active assignments. Archived assignments don't count.


If you've ever turned on sharing for the activity you're looking for, you can find the activity by using this option. Just choose "Shared" to see all of the activities you are currently allowing other Teachers to see through a sharing link.


This option allows you to search for the date you created an activity. Choose "Within" then a date range and you'll see all the activities that were created within that range. The available ranges are:


The "Modified" filter works just like the "Created" filter. Choose "Within" then choose the date range. If you changed the activity within that time, it will be shown to you on the right hand side of the screen.

Combining Options

If you choose more than one option, all of the criteria for them must be met for an activity to be found. So, if you search for a title containing "Word meaning" and Assigned=Unassigned, you will only see activities that contain "word meaning" in the title AND that are unassigned.

Search Results

Once you've searched, the results will show up where the list of activities normally appears. Just click any of the activities to visit its Activity Details page where you can edit the content or create/review assignments for that activity.

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