Five Minute Fly-By: Assigning to Students

You’ve created your TeacherMade activity and now it’s time to assign it to your students!

⭐ Create an Assignment ⭐

Click on the name of the activity. That will bring you to the “Activity Detail” page, where you can see a list of all the assignments you’ve created for this activity.You can create multiple assignments to give to different classes. Since this is your first time here, you haven’t created any yet, and there’s a convenient “Create an Assignment” button to get you started. Click that button to start creating your assignment.

You’ll proceed through screens that allow you to set options for this assignment.

⭐ Delivery Method ⭐

On the first screen, you’ll select how you want your assignment to be delivered to your students. Remember, students do not have TeacherMade accounts. The choice you make here determines how your students will receive their work.

Let’s choose the “TeacherMade” option, which means that the students will start the activity by launching a simple weblink. How you give them that link will be up to you.

⭐ Student Sign-in Options ⭐

Now you can choose whether the students will identify themselves with their Google accounts, or by their name. To keep it simple, we’re going to let them type in their names.

⭐ Assignment Options ⭐

This step is where we really get to the good stuff! This set of options affects grading, feedback and what the student sees. Before we walk through it, note that TeacherMade will remember your choices between assignments so if you usually use the same settings, you won’t have to select them each time.

You can see that TeacherMade gives you a lot of flexibility for how students work with your activity. You can set whether they’re allowed to check their own answers and which tools are available to them.

There are a lot of options, and to become a real expert, you can search for articles in the Help Center that document all of them. For now, you can leave them at their default settings.

Once you’ve made your choices, click, “Save” and TeacherMade will turn your activity into an assignment in just a few seconds!

⭐ Now Watch the Students Work! ⭐

You've done it! You've created an assignment.

You’ll land on the “Assignment Detail” Page for your new assignment. This is where each student’s work will appear. You can watch students as they work, grade their assignments, and return their graded work to provide feedback!

⭐ Next... ⭐

Once student work starts to roll in, you'll want to understand how to review it. It's time to move on to the next, and last, step of the process: Five Minute Fly-By: Reviewing and Grading

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