TeacherMade In 60 Seconds

TeacherMade is the easiest and most powerful way to add interactivity to Google Slides and PDF files. And it’s auto-scored, so you won’t spend your time grading! You'll find so many ways to use it. Want to learn how it works? It takes 60 seconds.

The Big Picture   

To create an activity, you're going to upload a document as a background and draw simple interactions on top of it. You can add your own text and even add audio and video. Then you'll assign it to students and review their work. It's really that straightforward. Let’s dive in…

⭐ Upload Your Document ⭐

Click "New Activity." Upload a PDF file that you created from Google Slides or a document containing a practice activity.

⭐ Add Interactions ⭐

Your PDF is now the background and you'll add interactive elements on top of it. This is the amazing part. Just draw a box over the background where the question or problem is located, choose which item type you want, and set the correct answer.

It’s that easy! Now, when students take the activity, the computer will grade their answers so you won’t have to.

⭐ Assign Your Activity ⭐

Click "Create An Assignment." Choose your options and click "Save." Share the generated web link with your students, or take advantage of TeacherMade’s integration with Google Classroom, Canvas and Schoology.

⭐ Students Don’t Login! ⭐

Students don't get accounts and you won't waste time every day getting them signed in! They just use the web link you gave them to start the assignment or start it from your LMS. Students can check their own work and get immediate feedback, or submit it to you for review (it’s your choice!)

⭐ Review Their Work ⭐

When students begin the assignment, you can see them working in real-time. If you want to provide feedback, you can add text and drawings - even award a sticker or two, then return the work to the student.

⭐ Congratulations! ⭐

You've done it! You’ve turned your slideshow or PDF into a digital auto-graded activity! The students are working. The computer is doing the grading. Grades automatically show up in your LMS.

What are you going to do with all the time you’ve saved?

⭐⭐⭐ Next... ⭐⭐⭐

That’s TeacherMade in 60 seconds! Isn't it easy to use? But it also has a ton of item types and some very powerful features to give you flexibility. Let's learn a little more in Five Minute Fly-By: Creating an Activity

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