Five Minute Fly-By: Reviewing and Grading

TeacherMade lets you see your students working at any time. As soon as they start working, you can watch them enter answers and even provide real-time feedback. And when they finish their work, you’ll have a powerful set of tools to help you review and grade what they’ve submitted.

⭐ The Assignment Detail Page ⭐

From “My Activities,” click on your activity name, then on the assignment name to arrive at the the Assignment Detail page to see how your students are doing. 

From here, you can see all the student work begun so far. You’ll see the current status (In Progress, Submitted, or Returned), the scores and the submission dates.

⭐ Review Student Work ⭐

Click any student's name to view their submission.

You can move between student submissions by using this convenient tool at the top of the left hand column.

Use the left and right arrows to go back and forward, or use the dropdown to jump to a specific student.

As you’re reviewing a student’s work, you’ll see the entire activity and all their auto-graded answers marked correct or incorrect. Use this tool to navigate between slides. 

If you had included Open Answer questions, click the student’s answer, then click “Adjust” to give them a score.

⭐ Give Feedback ⭐

You can add your own annotations to student work and they’ll see it when they re-open the assignment. If the student is still working, they’ll see your guidance appear in real-time!

You can add text and drawings using this convenient toolbar.

Click the star icon and you can add stickers to your student’s work!

⭐ Return Their Work ⭐

The menu to the left of a student’s work shows detail about their work and allows you to finalize the score and return the work to the student.

Here you’ll see the status of their assignment, the time they spent on task, and three options for scoring. You can accept the autograded score, add some bonus points to handle ungraded questions, or even override the score entirely and enter a custom score.

Once you’ve finished grading a student’s work, click “Return Submission” to return the graded work to the student! To access their graded work, the student will need to re-start the assignment the same way they originally did when opening the activity. 

⭐⭐⭐ You’ve Done It! ⭐⭐⭐

That’s it! You've gone through every step of TeacherMade! Let's summarize all that you've learned. In a very short amount of time, because TeacherMade is amazingly easy to use, you've learned how to:

Upload a document to create an activity.
Add interactions to your activity.
Create an Assignment from your activity.
Give the Assignment to your students.
Review and return the assignment

Thank you for sharing your time with us as you went through these Fly-By's. We can’t wait to see what you create in TeacherMade!

 Click here to read about More resources TeacherMade provides to help you along the way.

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