September 10th, 2023 - Show Me The Time!

One subtle little nicety that TeacherMade does for you is to show you dates in a format that's pretty easy to digest. This activity was created about a year ago, and was last modified today.

That's easier to look at than a whole stack of numbers, slashes and dashes, and gives you more general context about when things fit in your calendar.

But, as nice as that is, there are times when you need to know the exact date and time. TeacherMade has always stored that behind the scenes, of course, but now you have a way to see it! Just click on any date in your Activity and Assignment lists, and TeacherMade will switch between the nice human readable format you see above and this detailed format:

Thanks to our loyal TeacherMade Teachers for asking for this, and to our amazing Product Development team for making it happen!

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