September 10th, 2023 - Google Classroom Improvements

Our Google Classroom integration is just amazing. You can create assignments that automatically get sent to your students, choosing to assign work to all students (even new ones added after you create the assignment), or individual students. You can even set whether you want the Classwork to be created as draft or published right away - all from within TeacherMade. Then as your students complete their work, their scores accumulated in the GC gradebook for you to see. 

Now, we've made it even better by adding two great new features for you!

Block Students Not In Your Class

If you've ever had a student appear in your TeacherMade assignment that wasn't in your Google Classroom class, you might have wondered how they got there. It turns out that TeacherMade assignments in GC are just web links, and students can copy them and launch them in a different browser to "preview" their activity before taking it for real. We don't like to use the word "cheat" because it implies that we understand their motivations, but let's just say that if they wanted to cheat, this would be a way to do it.

Now you can stop that behavior in its tracks, and block any students not in your class from even starting your assignments. To do so, just choose "Yes" next to this prompt when creating an assignment:

Any student not in the class will be given a message that they are not allowed to open the assignment and will be denied access.

Students Taking Wrong Assignment in the Right Class

Have you ever given a TeacherMade assignment to multiple classes only to see all the student work show up under a single assignment in TeacherMade? Here's why that happens, and what we've done to fix that.

TeacherMade creates a unique assignment and a unique weblink for each class to which you're assigning an Activity. But if you choose to publish those assignments as Drafts, you later have to go into Classroom and publish them. 

The problem we've seen again and again is that Google makes it easy to give a single assignment to multiple classes. While convenient, it ends up giving the same weblink to all the classes you choose, instead of retaining the individual weblinks TeacherMade created per class. The end result, then, is that all your students are working on a single TeacherMade assignment, and therefore all their submissions show up under that assignment in TeacherMade.

In the most recent release, we've fixed that! TeacherMade will now make sure that a student's work will show up under the assignment you intended, no matter which weblink gets copied to their Classwork. 

What do you have to do to set this feature up? Not a thing! It just works!

TeacherMade Just Gets Better and Better

Thank you for all your feedback and suggestions. We really do listen! We're dedicated to making your life as a Teacher just a little easier, and these improvements will certainly help ease some of your pains.

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