How to Assign an Interactivity Using Google Classroom

How to Assign an Interactivity Using Google Classroom

On Step 1 of 3 the ‘Create Assignment’ page:

  • Select the Google Classroom option 

  • Then click ‘Next’ 

 Note: Make sure you have allowed TeacherMade to access your Google Account, if you have not: 

  • Google will request that you allow TeacherMade to access Classroom data and TeacherMade will prompt you to display your Classroom courses

    • Choose your Google Account (associated with your school)

    • Review what TeacherMade can access

      • Coursework & Grades for classes you Administer

      • Class Rosters

      • Google Classroom Classes

    • Click the “Allow” button to grant access. Google will remember your choice.

On Step 2 of 3 will have you choose the Google Classroom Courses

  • You may choose multiple classes

  • You may choose one or all of your students:

    • TeacherMade will automatically choose to assign it to all students in your class. 

 Note: If you assign the worksheet to all students, Google Classroom will automatically give it to any students added to your class later. 

  • To choose one or more students click on the pencil icon next to ‘All Students’ and a generated list of your students will appear.

    • Click in the box next to their name

 Note: If you choose individual students, only those students will receive it. If you wish to give it to other students later, you will have to add them in Google Classroom later.

On Step 3 of 3 you will be able to choose:

  • Whether your assignment should be saved as a draft or published

    • Saved as Draft - The classwork will be created and saved as a draft so that you can release it manually or schedule it for release

      • You will have to use Google Classroom to publish this. assignment when you want students to have access to it.

    • Published - The classwork will be made available immediately to all of the selected classes and students.


  • Assignment points to use in Google Classroom

    • These are the points assigned to the new classwork in Google Classroom. When a student completes the worksheet, TeacherMade will scale the score when passing it to Google Classroom so it shows as you want in your grade book

 For Example: If the student scores 8 out of 10 points on the worksheet and the Google Classroom points is set to 100, the student's score in Google Classroom will be (8/10)x100 = 80 points 

  • TeacherMade will remind you how many points your worksheet is worth

  • You may choose whether to Auto-sync scores

    •  If this is selected TeacherMade will automatically update the scores in Google Classroom anytime a student completes a worksheet

    • If this is NOT selected, you can synchronize the scores by opening the assignment in TeacherMade, and clicking the ‘Sync Scores’ button.

  • Disable submit button

    • Use this to prevent accidental submission by your students that require you to reopen their work. They can keep working in the submission until you mark it as completed.

  • How many times students can check answers before submission

    • This setting determined how many times students may check answers before final submission of an assignment.

    • Choices for how many times students can check answers:

      • No 

      • 1x - 3x

      • Unlimited 

      • Custom…

  • How the score will be displayed

  • This setting applies to both your and your student’s views.

  • Choices for how the score will be displayed:

    • Points Earned

    • Points Earned / Points Possible

    • Points Earned / Points Possible (Score %)

    • Score %

 Note: you can change this setting at any time even after the assignment has been created

  • What information your student will see when they turn in their work

    • The scores show when the students turn in their work are from auto scored items only. 

    • If you have additional items you are scoring, these will not be shown until you score and return the work.

    • Choices for information after submission:

      • Make assignment hidden

      • Show total score

      • Show score on individual items

      • Show correct answers 

  • What information the student will see when the work is returned.

    • When work is returned to a student the assignment will always be visible to that student. 

    • If you are concerned about student sharing we suggest not returning the work until the assignment has been completed by all students in all classes.

    • Choices for information when they work is RETURNED:

      • Show total score

      • Show score on individual items

      • Show correct answers 

  • Student tools:

    • Text boxes: create their own text boxes

    • Drawing: draw on the worksheet 

    • Links: insert links on the worksheet 

    • Math: add math objects to the worksheet 

    • Images: insert images into the worksheet

    • Audio: record audio to add to the worksheet 

  • Upon clicking ‘Save’ the TeacherMade assignment will be created, and the assignment will be published on Google Classroom. The ‘Assignment Detail’ screen will open. 

    • Assignment Detail Screen: 

      • You will be able to:

        • View student submissions in real time

        • Preview your assignment 

        • Edit answer key, title, and student names 

        • Edit/lock/restore/archive assignment 

        • Go to ‘Google Classroom’ or ‘Sync Scores’

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