July 24th, 2023 - Moveable Multiple Choice Bubbles

The world is a messy place. And while we always hope our multiple choice answers would all be the same size so that they're easy to overlay with TeacherMade interactivities, it's just sometimes not the case. So, once again, TeacherMade's fantastic Product Development team has come to the rescue and added a feature to make your life a little easier. You can now move the bubbles in a TeacherMade Multiple Choice answer!!!

It's very simple! Just drag a rectangle to outline the area you want the bubbles to appear, then select "Multiple Choice" from the Insert menu. The usual set of four bubbles will appear (assuming four was the last multiple choice option you had used. TeacherMade remembers your last selection to make it easier to create a lot all at once).

To re-position a bubble, just click it and drag it to where you want it to be! It's that simple! The bubble will change appearance to show you that you've selected it for repositioning:

A couple notes:

  • We recommend sizing the box so that the first and last answers are aligned. Then move the inside answers.
  • You can reset the position by clicking "Reset position of bubbles" on the toolbar when the Multiple Choice object is selected.
  • Once you've repositioned the bubbles, you cannot make the answer smaller. 
  • If you change the number of answers, your custom positioning will be lost.
  • To select the correct answer, just click the appropriate answer without dragging it.

Enjoy this new feature, which will allow you to make even more of your favorite activities into TeacherMades!

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