How do I Create a Multiple Choice or Multiselect Question from Scratch?

TeacherMade offers you two powerful Multiple Choice and Multiple Select (or Checkbox) tools. The first two are used to overlay questions that are contained in your background image such as an imported PDF or Google Slides document. They only display the bubbles or checkboxes and permit you to quickly create a simple answer key for existing questions. 

If you're creating an activity from scratch, though, or want to add a question that's not already on the background, you'll use a different tool. This tool is found under the "Author Questions" header in the Insert Menu and allows you to enter a complete question and all of its answers. 

Multiple Choice

To create a Multiple Choice question from scratch, follow these instructions. These same instructions apply to the Multiselect tool. They're actually the same!

1. Click anywhere in your activity and drag the mouse to draw a rectangle that is about the size you want the question to occupy. That will bring up the Insert Menu. Click either Multiple Choice or Multiselect under the "AUTHOR QUESTIONS" section:

A box will appear allowing you to enter your question and answer choices.

2. Set the point value of the question by choosing the desired value from this dropdown:

3. Enter the text of the question by clicking into the box labeled "Write text here." The text controls will appear over the box.

You can use the text controls to choose the font face, size, style, and color. Paragraph alignment can be set to left, right, center or justified. You can also add images or mathematical equations right in the question.

4. Enter the text for each of your answers. As with the question text, you may change the text style or add images or mathematical formulas. You can add more answers at the bottom or remove an answer by clicking the red "X" to the right.

5. Set the answer key by clicking the circle to the left of the correct answer. 

6. Optionally, reorder the answers by clicking the "Shuffle" button above the answers. This will re-order the answers and always display them in the new order. It does not shuffle the answers for each student. So, you can safely add "None of the above" or "All of the above" as the last answer of the question after shuffling.

You can reorder the answers yourself by clicking and holding the handle to the left of each answer the moving the mouse to drag the answer into place.

7. Click Save. You'll see the fully formed question in the activity. You may want to re-size the box to fit all your answers.

Multiselect / Checkbox Question

Multiselect questions are set up the exact same way, but allow you to choose more than one correct answer. The student must choose all the indicated answers to have this question scored as correct. You can even change the type of question by clicking between these two choices:

When you choose "Multiselect" you can select more than one correct answer. You will also see this option next to the Score Points:

Setting that option means that students will not be able to select more than the number of answers that you have indicated are correct. So, if you've marked two out of your four answers correct, the students will be able to choose only two. If they have already chosen two answers but wish to change one of their responses, they will click one of their answers a second time to deselect it.

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