How do I use the Checkbox / Multiselect tool?

The Checkbox / Multiselect tool draws a vertical or horizontal set of boxes that students check off. You can use it for a single checkbox or for a Multiselect item. A multiselect is an item similar to a Multiple Choice but with multiple correct answers. This tool is similar to the Multiple Choice tool in the way you set it up.

After you click on ‘Insert’ on the toolbar, (or click down on your activity  Click, or Click and Drag) select ‘Checkbox / Multiselect’ from the Tools menu that pops up. 

Click on your worksheet and drag your mouse to draw checkboxes:

To make edits to the Checkbox / Multiselect Question type, click on ‘Edit’ on your toolbar.

The ‘Edit Checkboxes’ screen will appear:

Here you can change: 

  •  Number of Points: This shows how many points your students will receive for correctly answering the question. By default TeacherMade will always assign all question types 1 point. 

  •  Number of Checkboxes: This allows you to change the number of potential answers for the question type.

    • If you want to change the orientation from vertical to horizontal (or vice versa), click on the bottom right corner of the border and drag it up and to the right. The box will automatically change orientation.

*Be sure to choose, “Save Changes” when you are done.

How to Assign the Correct Answer to the Checkbox / Multiselect Question Type:

  • Click in the boxes that are the correct answer. A checkmark will appear in the box to show that they are chosen.

Checkbox / Multiselect Tool Explainer Video

Here’s a quick video explaining how to use this feature:

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