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April 22nd, 2023

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Earth Day April 22nd

ELA/Science: Science of the Seasons

  • Description: Read all about the Seasons! Students will learn how the tilt and the orbit of Earth created the four seasons. They will answer reading checks as they complete their reading to check for understanding. This is great for Earth Day or an Earth Science lesson! 

  • Item Types: True/False, Multiselect, Multiple Choice

  • Link:  https://app.teachermade.com/s/aItqCd_iTXeyviB0DEaWYQ/

ELA/Science: History of Earth Day 

  • Description: Students will learn about the History of Earth Day and the ways they can take part to help protect our Earth. They will complete reading checks while completing the assignment.

  • Grade: Elementary and Middle

  • Item Types: Short Answer, True/False, Multiselect, Multiple Choice

  • Link:  https://app.teachermade.com/s/wxSwvenRTaewO9_00H0nag/

Math: Earth Day Addition and Subtraction

  • Description: On this activity, students will add and subtract the images to find the correct answer. They will really love the Earth Day clipart on this one!

  • Grade: Early Elementary

  • Item Types: Short Answer

  • Link:  https://app.teachermade.com/s/vwz6MwmET3uerhxuoyvCSA/

Science: Garbage vs. Recycling

  • Description: Students will read a short paragraph about what items should be recycled then use the drag and drop toot to drag the items to the correct bins (Garbage or Recycling). Great activity to use in your classroom after learning about Earth Day and ways to protect the Earth.

  • Grade: Elementary

  • Item Types: Drag and Drop

  • Link:  https://app.teachermade.com/s/dzrTiLDqTAq2G36vBxYskg/

More Shared Elementary TeacherMades:

ELA: Howdy, Big Tex

  • Description: This is an informational practice activity for the newly redesigned STAAR test of Reading and Language Arts that incorporates new question types. It features 9 total questions.
  • Recommended Grade Range: It is intended for grade 3, but can be used with grades 2-5. 
  • Question Types: Multiple Choice, Multiselect, Drop Down
  • Click Here: Howdy, Big Tex

Math: Fraction Models

  • Description: This worksheets consists of released Grade 3 test questions that have been adapted to include new question types on the redesigned 2023 STAAR test. This worksheet features questions assessing TEKS standard 3.3(E) which reads "solve problems involving partitioning an object or a set of objects among two or more recipients using pictorial representations of fractions with denominators of 2,3,4,6 and 8." There are a total of 8 questions.
  • Recommended Grade Range: Each worksheet in the collection is targeted to one TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills) standard. It is intended for grade 3 but could be used with grades 2-5.
  • Question Types: Multiple Choice, Short Answer
  • Click Here: Fraction Models 

Shared Middle School TeacherMades:

ELA: Fiction - A Surprise Visit 

  • Description: This is a fiction practice activity for the newly redesigned STAAR test of Reading and Language Arts (RLA) that incorporates new question types. It features 7 total questions. 
  • Recommended Grade Range: Intended for grade 6, but can be used with grades 5-8. 
  • Question Types: Multiple Choice, Dropdown, Multiselect
  • Click Here: A Surprise Visit

Science: Structure of a Flower

  • Description: This science activity is a drag and drop activity with 10 moving parts. Students will get one point for each correct placement or answer.
  • Recommended Grade Range: Designed for the Middle School or High School grade range. It could be used in Life Science or Biology. 
  • Question Types: Drag and drop
  • Click Here: Structure of a Flower

Shared High School TeacherMades:

ELA: English I - Editing - Cool Dude

  • Description: This is a practice activity for the newly redesigned STAAR test for English I that incorporates new question types. Students will read the passage then choose the correct answer to edit the text.
  • Recommended Grade Range: Intended for high school course English I, but can be used with any high school reading level.
  • Question Types: Multiple Choice, Dropdown, Multiselect
  • Click Here: Cool Dude

Math: Algebra 1 - Full Released Math Test 2021

  • Description: This activity consists of a released STAAR Grade Algebra 1 Math test from 2021 that has been adapted to include the new question types on the redesigned 2023 STAAR test. There are 54 items for a total of 54 points.
  • Recommended Grade Range: This activity has been designed for Algebra 1 High School math.
  • Question Types: 7 Hot Spot, 3 Equation Editor, 3 Text Entry, 4 Inline Choice, and 1 Drag and Drop.
  • Click Here: Full Released Math Test

Algebra I Practice Activities 

Compliments of Eye on Mastery

US History STAAR Practice from 

Lone Star Social Studies

These 3 STAAR practice tests have been updated to the STAAR 2.0 format and are brought to you by Lone Star Social Studies. They include ALL of the technology-enhanced item types your students will encounter this spring. ****If you're a US History Teacher in any state, these will work just fine for your students, too!****


more practice tests, please email: Nathan@TeacherMade.com

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activities and 20 more for Grade 8 US History, too.

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