How Do I Rotate or Flip a Slide That Displays Sideways?

TeacherMade gives you a few ways to edit a slide whose background is rotated or flipped. It's important to know that you should fix the slides immediately after importing them and before you've added your interactions or original content on top of them. If you have added questions, text or other elements, you'll have to remove those items from the slide before using these procedures.

Rotating a Slide

To rotate a slide, choose "Transform Background" from the "Slide" menu in the editor. Then choose the amount and direction to rotate. The new orientation will be displayed. 

The slide is updated immediately. If you don't like the result, just hit Ctrl-Z to undo the rotation.

Flipping a Slide

PDFs can be unpredictable! Sometimes, you'll need to flip, not just rotate a slide. TeacherMade can flip a slide horizontally (left to right over a vertical centerline) or vertically (top to bottom). Let's do a horizontal flip.

Choose the slide in question by clicking on it in the left slide panel. Then choose "Transform Background" from the "Slide" menu. Then choose the direction to flip the background, in this case "Flip Horizontal."

The results are displayed immediately. You can undo a flip either by flipping again or using the Undo feature.

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