February 20th, 2023 - Powerful Slide Editing Features

Even Michelangelo had to re-do some of his work, so we've added a few powerful editing capabilities for you! If you need to touch up your masterpiece, we have these new features to help you get it just right. Keep reading to learn more.

Change Slide Background

You can change the background of a single slide at a time! Use Google Slides or Powerpoint to make your changes and re-save the PDF, then simply change the background. All your existing items, additions and edits will still be there, but your wonderfully perfected background will be on that slide.

Click here to learn how to replace the background of a single slide.

Rotate and Flip A Slide Background

Michelangelo didn't have to import PDFs, but you do, and the PDF format can present some problems. Sometimes, you import a PDF and the background comes in with the wrong orientation. What should have been landscape is now portrait, or vice versa. We've added the ability to rotate the background of a single slide to correct those types of input issues. And if you ever need to flip the background horizontally or vertically, we now support that, too.

Click here to learn how to rotate and flip slides.

Resize a Slide

TeacherMade's Slide View lets you combine slides from different source documents, or even paste in entire activities as a slide. That can result in a mish-mash of slide sizes. TeacherMade has added a Resize feature that will allow you to change the size of any slide! Michelangelo would be so happy!

Click here to learn how to resize slides.

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