November 2nd, 2022 - Resize and move the audio recording dialog

Sometimes, students need to hear a worksheet, not just read it, and whose voice is better for them to hear than your own? TeacherMade's audio feature allows you to record your own voice reading portions of the worksheet. But the audio interface could sometimes block what you were trying to read! Today's release includes a change to the audio dialog so that you can both resize it and move it. 

Resize the Audio Dialog

There are two ways to resize the audio dialog. First, we've given you a convenient icon in the upper right that will simply shrink it to a smaller size. 

The icon will change to allow you to expand it back to its original size with a single click.

If that's not enough, just grab any edge of the dialog with your mouse and drag it to resize it. If you make it really tiny, the icon in the upper right will change to the "expand" icon to give you a simple, quick way to resize it back to its usual size.

Move the Audio Dialog

If the audio dialog is blocking your view of the text you want to read, just place your cursor anywhere in the header of the dialog, click, then drag it out of the way. 

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