How do I add Audio to my activity?

To add audio to one of your activities, choose ‘Insert’ on your toolbar or click down on your activity. The Insert menu will pop up. 

Select 'Audio' from the right column (represented by a microphone icon).

Draw a box on the assignment where you would like an Audio icon to render and you’ll see this appear:

This dialog will appear:

You can either record your own audio or upload an audio file from your computer. 

Recording an Audio File

To begin recording, click the red circle. You can record for up to 5 minutes!

To stop recording, click on the grey square.

Click the “Attach to the Worksheet” button at the bottom of the window when you’re done. Your audio recording will now play when students click on the Audio icon in their assignment. 

Uploading Audio Files

Your second option is to upload your own audio from your computer. To do so, click the “Upload” tab to the right of “Record" tab. 

You will see this box:

Select the audio file you would like to upload and you will see the title of the file appear where it says, “Upload an audio file.” Once you see your file’s name, the option to “Attach to the Worksheet” will also reappear. Click this option to add your audio file to your worksheet and then you are done!

NOTE: When uploading your own audio, there is a file limit of 10 MB.

Listening to the Audio

If you want to listen to your audio, select Preview from the View menu and click on the Audio icon. If you want to re-do your recording, exit the Preview, delete your Audio icon from your worksheet, and start over.

Audio Options

The audio tool has a setting to control what students see when they start your activity. The option affects whether the student sees the audio icon or a set of controls. Click the audio, then this setting in the toolbar to change the option:

The values for this setting mean:

Show controls on click

  • The audio icon appears.
  • The student must click the icon to see the Play/Pause controls.
  • The audio will stop playing any time the student clicks away from the icon or controls (even into a question as they attempt to answer.)
  • The controls are movable by students. Have them click the pattern to the left of the Play button then drag them where they wish.

Always Show Controls

  • No audio icon appears.
  • The Play/Pause controls are always displayed.
  • The audio will continue to play if the student clicks anywhere else. They must click the pause or stop buttons to halt the playback.

Note that while you're editing the activity, the audio control is just an approximation of what the student will see. It's a good practice to preview the activity to see what the student will actually see when taking the activity.

You can also choose whether to make the audio block transparent (which also hides the audio icon!) and select the color of the border around the audio icon.

A fun tip is that you can set the audio icon to be transparent and set the border to "No Border" then drag the box over an object in your background. Then add text that tells the student to click the background object to hear the audio! If there's a cow in your background, you can make it moo!

Audio Tool Explainer Video

Here is a short video to learn all about how to use the audio tool: 

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