Submissions Screen: Teacher Toolbar

On your TeacherMade Submissions you may leave a comment, freehand draw, add stickers, and so much more! Simply, click on the students score on the submissions page, this will open up the child’s submission where you can make the magic happen!

The Teacher Toolbar


The cursor allows you to click on your students assignment to see the correct answer and adjust the students points if necessary. You are also able to move and delete drawings using this tool! 

Want to adjust your students’ points?

  1. Click on the cursor icon 

  2. Go to your students' submission and click on the answer.

  3. Adjust the points given! 

Want to delete your drawing?

  1. Click on the cursor icon 

  2. Click on your drawing, it will turn green

  3. Use the cursor to move your drawing or press the  delete or backspace key to erase it from your paper.

Zoom Buttons:

Are you tired of squinting at the words you’re typing onto the assignment? Use the Zoom feature to get a better look at what you're typing. 

Want to Zoom in on your assignment? 

  1. Click  to Zoom in. 

  2. Click  to Zoom out. 


This tool allows you to delete any text, drawing, or stickers you put on your students' work. 

Want to Delete items on your students' assignments? 

  1. Click on the trash can icon 

  2. Hover over whatever you would like to delete - the item will highlight green 

  3. Click down and it will be deleted!

Add Text:

This tool allows you to write comments on a ‘sticky note’ wherever you would like on your assignment. Add one, two or ten to your students' work! 

  1. Click on the ‘Add text’ icon 

  2. Your cursor will turn into cross-hairs 

  3. Draw the text box on your student’s assignment 

  4. Change the color of the text by clicking on the ‘Color’ tool and selecting a color from the drop down 

Draw on Submission:

This tool allows you to draw on your students’ submission.

Want to Draw on your students' assignments? 

  1. Click on the Draw icon  and draw wherever you’d like! 

  2. Change the color by clicking on the ‘Color’ tool and selecting a color from the drop down (same steps as above).


This is where you are able to choose the drawing color.  

Want to change your color? 

  1. Click on the Draw Color icon 

  2. All of your color choices will appear.

  1. Choose the color you wish to use, and it will appear in the box.

Drawing Size:

Use the Drawing Size to change the thickness of your drawing tool. 

Want to change your line size? 

  1. Click  on the arrow in the icon 

  2. Multiple sizes will appear

  3. Click on the size and it will appear in the box


Miss putting stickers on your students' work? Now, you can! 

Want to add a sticker to your assignment? 

  1. Click on the sticker icon 

  2. Your sticker choices will appear 

  3. Click on the sticker you wish to use 

  4. Your cursor will turn to a crosshairs 

  5. Click down on your assignment and your sticker will appear 

  6. Use the cursor to resize your sticker and move it anywhere on your paper

Show Student Elements: 

TeacherMade will automatically have ‘Show Student Elements’ selected when opening the ‘Review Submission’ page. This allows you to see anything your student has added to their assignment prior to submitting it. 

Want to see only your drawings on the assignment? 

  1. Click on the ‘Show Student Elements’ box 

The box will be unchecked and your student’s additions to the worksheet will disappear! Their work will still be there but none of their comments, drawings, etc.

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