Disconnecting/Reconnecting Google Classroom and TeacherMade

If you're getting an error when trying to create a Google Classroom assignment in TeacherMade, don’t panic! You can more than likely fix it yourself in just a few simple steps!

The solution to this problem is to clear Google’s memory of TeacherMade. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Disconnect TeacherMade from Google - not for long, just to reset :) 

To disconnect TeacherMade from Google:

  • In your browser, Click your account icon in the upper right, then "Manage Your Google Account."

  • Click "Data & privacy" on the left.

  • Click "Data from apps and services that you use."

  • Open "Third party apps with account access."

  • Find and click on "TeacherMade."

  • Click the "Remove Access" button.

  • Click the “OK” button when prompted.

At this point, you've severed the ties between Google and TeacherMade.

Step 2: Reconnect TeacherMade and Google 

Now, back in TeacherMade, click the pencil icon next to the count of 0 students in your Google Classroom assignment. Google will prompt you for permissions.

Be sure to check ALL of the following permissions. Google may not show them quite like this, but make sure the permissions listed here are being granted to TeacherMade.

Click “Continue” at the bottom of the Google dialog.

You should now see the list of students in your Google Classroom class and you continue to make your assignment.

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