GC: What happens when I change the points in Google Classroom?

TeacherMade Automatically Sets the Classwork Points

When you create an assignment for Google Classroom, TeacherMade lets you choose the points that will be set for the Classwork. So, what you set here:

Automatically shows up here in Google Classroom:

Remember that the score you see in TeacherMade is scaled up to this maximum point value and won't necessarily match what you see in Google Classroom.

What do you do if you need to change the score? You can change the score in either system, and TeacherMade will automatically update both systems to reflect your new choice, and it will recalculate and resync the students scores so that Google Classroom is always up-to-date!

There are some differences if you change the score in TeacherMade or Google Classroom which are explained below.

What Happens if I Change the Points in TeacherMade?

If you Edit the Assignment in TeacherMade, and change the points, TeacherMade will automatically change the points in Google Classroom and automatically recalculate all the scores there, too. This is true even if you set the assignment to manually sync. That is, changing the score in TeacherMade will force a resync so that all student scores are up-to-date with the new setting.

What Happens if I Change the Points in Google Classroom?

You can change the Points in Google Classroom and Google will ask you whether you want to update the scores, but nothing will happen! The problem is that Google has not told TeacherMade about the points change. Instead, you need to tell TeacherMade to recalculate the scores. That can happen a number of ways:

  • You choose "Rescore Assignment" from the assignment's 3-dot menu in the left panel of the Assignment Detail screen.
  • Any student submits a score and the assignment is set to Auto-sync.
  • You change any student's score and the assignment is set to Auto-sync.
  • You manually sync the scores when the assignment is set to manually sync.
    • In this case, TeacherMade will re-calculate the scores and show them all as "Pending." You can choose which scores to sync, and only those you choose will be updated.

Once any of those events occur, TeacherMade will recognize that the Google Classroom score changed, and immediately update its own stored value, then rescore and resync with Google Classroom. This is true for every score submitted, even if the assignment as Auto-sync turned off.

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