July 1st, 2024 - A New Activity Toolbar

We hope you've been using your summer to relax and recharge. We've been using our summer to improve TeacherMade so that your life is a little easier this fall. Today, we've changed the way you choose and work with Activities on your TeacherMade home page!

A New New Button!

In the upper left corner of you home page, you'll see an inviting button labeled "New." You'll use that to create new activities, create new folders, and to copy sets of activities one of your colleagues has shared (more on that later!)

A New Toolbar

The old TeacherMade toolbar was fixed at the top of the screen and only let you move and delete activities.

The new toolbar floats over your activities, and gives you every option under the sun! Just check the checkbox next to an activity or a set of activities to see the new toolbar:

Let's see what those icons do!

Preview the selected activity.

Edit the selected activity.

Move the selected item(s).

Copy the selected activity.

Delete the selection item(s).

Share the selected item(s). 

Assign the selected activity.

See a full menu of things you can do, including some lesson common options:
  • Print a blank activity
  • Print the answer key for an activity
  • Donate an activity to the shared library

A New Shortcut Bar

As you move your mouse over the list of activities, TeacherMade now gives you a clean and simple way to select the most common operations. Hovering over an activity now displays this set of shortcuts:

By selecting one of those icons, you can quickly preview, edit or assign the activity.

Everything is Faster

We've done a lot of work to improve the speed of TeacherMade. So, those of you with thousands of activities will have a much snappier experience!

Share Multiple Activities

That "Import Multiple Activities" option on the New button will allow you to accept a list of "share links" from a colleague, and quickly import them into your TeacherMade account.

It's such a great feature, we're going to talk about it in a separate article!

More to Come!

We're not done with our summer projects - not by a long shot! So, keep your eyes peeled for more great updates that will make your next school year the most productive and rewarding ever!

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