June 20th, 2024 - Copy, Paste and Align Multiple Objects

This is one you've been waiting for! You can now select multiple objects in the Activity Editor, and once you do, you can copy, cut, paste, move, and even ALIGN them! 



Selecting Multiple Objects

All you need to do is to click one object to select it, then hold down your Shift key and click the next object. Now you've selected both! You can continue to select as many as you want by holding the Shift key and clicking. Shift-click any of those objects again to de-select them. A counter on the toolbar tells you how many you have selected.

You can also Shift-click then drag to draw a rectangle (remember that Shift key, since clicking and dragging without it brings up the Insert menu). As you move your mouse, the objects that will be selected are outlined with a dotted blue border. Release the mouse and they will all be selected.


To cancel your selection, just click the background, away from all the objects, or click another object.

Select All

To select all the objects on a slide (or all objects in a scrolling activity), hold the Ctrl key and hit A. You can also select all the objects by choosing "Select All" from the Edit menu. 

Copy, Cut, and Paste

Now that you've selected multiple objects, you can Copy, Cut and Paste them using the normal shortcuts (Ctrl-C for Copy, Ctrl-X for Cut and Ctrl-V to paste). You can also choose these operations from the "Edit" menu. You can even Cut or Copy from one activity, then Paste those items into a different one!

As always, TeacherMade offers a uniquely useful shortcut to copy and paste called "Duplicate" that is accessed by holding down the Ctrl key and hitting the D key.

If something goes awry with your newfound power, Ctrl-Z will undo any errant cuts or pastes.


Once selected, you can move the objects by clicking of them, or anywhere within the surrounding box, then dragging the objects to their new location. You can also use the arrow keys to move in smaller, controllable steps.

Aligning Objects

You can easily align objects to the same edge by selecting all the objects you wish, then choosing an option from the "Align" drop-down on the toolbar.

For example, you could select all the True-False items in the "Before" picture above, click "Align," then choose "Left." The items immediately align on the left edge, resulting in what you see in the "After" picture.


We hope you enjoy these incredible improvements to the TeacherMade Activity Editor!

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