July 1st, 2024 - Math in Drop Down Items

Math shouldn't be scary. The more guidance you give your students as they're learning, the stronger their mathematical reasoning will be, and - maybe more importantly - the deeper their confidence will develop! To help with that, TeacherMade now lets you use complex math in Drop Down items. The same powerful equation editor you've become familiar with in the Algebra/Formula question is now available to you in Drop Down questions! Giving students pre-constructed options will shape their understanding and avoid the stumbles they might have trying to enter equations on their own. 

When to Use Math In Drop Down Items

Here are good times to use the Drop Down item type in your math Activities:

  • Step-by-step operations. As you can see in the example above, the Drop Down is a great choice for step-by-step operations. Limiting a student's options in a complex, multi-step process keeps them on the right path and helps them focus on the concepts, not the computer.
  • Word problems. A great choice for step-by-step guidance is helping students transform a word problem into its mathematical representation.
  • Choosing a formula. Students could choose the correct form of the quadratic equation before using it to solve a problem.
  • Practice / Quick Checks. Students can struggle entering open-ended math questions and might never arrive at the correct answer, even with unlimited tries. Giving them choices with Drop Down items can get to the answer quickly, providing a sense of understanding and accomplishment. 
  • Science! TeacherMade's equation editor is a favorite feature of science teachers everywhere. It has symbols that let you add chemistry equations and other formulas for all grades.

There are so many possibilities! We can't wait to see how YOU use it!

How To Include Math in Drop Down Items

To insert math into Drop Down items, just create the item as your normally would, then click this icon next to the first answer:

When you click to enter your first answer, you will be presented with the equation editor, and have the full palette of math and science symbols that the Algebra/Formula item type offers. Choose symbols from the three available tabs (Math, Functions and Other), and type variables with the keyboard. Exponents, subscripts, set operators... it's all there!

Thanks to TeacherMade's amazing development team for creating another incredible feature requested by users like you! If you have ideas, send them to support@teachermade.com! We listen!

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