Setting Up Clever to Share Teacher Rosters With TeacherMade

TeacherMade is a certified Clever partner. That allows your district to share the roster of Teachers with TeacherMade, completely automating the process of onboarding new users.

These instructions are intended for district Clever Administrators only.

Adding TeacherMade is like adding any other app, with these important notes:

  • TeacherMade DOES NOT SUPPORT STUDENT ROSTERING! Do not share your student list with TeacherMade.
  • If the TeacherMade license is only for a certain school, or only for a certain number of Teachers in the district or in a school, set up a Teacher filter to only send the Teachers who should be included on the license.
  • Share "no teacher sections." TeacherMade does not manage classes and sections and does not request this data.
  • These instructions are for the "Standard Sharing setup view." If you're using the Guided View, you may switch to Standard Sharing by clicking this:

To add TeacherMade, follow these directions:

Add the TeacherMade app to your Clever District.

  • Login to the Clever District Administrator Portal.
  • Click "My Applications."
  • Click the "Add Applications" button.
  • In the search box, type "TeacherMade" and select the application.
  • Continue until you see "Begin Setup" then click that button

Set up custom sharing.

Since TeacherMade only imports teachers, do NOT send students or teacher sections. 

  • Select "I'd like to customize my sharing"
    • If you'd already set up sharing a different way, you may select "Edit Sharing," then "Change."
    • Then choose "Share by Rules."
  • Click "Click here to customize your sharing."
  • Click "Custom Share Teachers"
  • You're required to create a filter to proceed.
    • For small licenses, you may assign individual teacher access by email or SIS ID.
    • For school and district license, choose "School" and "equals any of" then choose all the schools whose teachers should be sent to TeacherMade.
  • In the "Also Share" field, select "No teacher sections."
  • Click "Done Editing."
  • Click "Save Sharing Rules."
  • Click "Save."
  • Review the screen to ensure that you are sharing only Teachers:

Check that Data Validation Passes

Clever will run an automated data validation step. It can take up to an hour to run. Be sure no errors are reported. If any are, please contact us at

Finalize the Setup

Click the "Finish" button in the lower righthand corner of the screen.

What Happens Next?

The TeacherMade team will receive the request to connect to the TeacherMade application, and will set up the required data on their end. They will perform a dry run of the teacher roster and alert you to any issues.

Once finalized, your TeacherMade rostering will be completely automated and stress-free!

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